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  1. Soft top shows toughness from downed tree

    Do you have the premium soft top or the vinyl/sailcloth top?
  2. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys Debuts With Unique Content and Increased Capability

    How are those tires in the rain (from current/previous owners)?
  3. Color Comparison: Sting Gray Jeep vs Lead Foot Raptor

    How do I convince Wifey to let me buy one of these Sting-Gray Mojaves??? I was sad that Gobi bit the dust, but I'm really kinda liking this Sting Gray
  4. Got my Willys

    CoachCal -- the pic with the hard top removed looks terrific!!!!
  5. JL New Option -- Dual Doors Option = Full Doors + Half Doors (w/ standard or premium uppers)

    During my quest for JK 2-door Half Doors (with the uppers) using only Mopar OEM parts, the total price for the outside + inside panel + mirror + weatherstripping + uppers was right at $2,000 and that was before painting and getting a matching keyed lock (I have a Sport S)... It seems for $3,600...
  6. JL New Option -- Dual Doors Option = Full Doors + Half Doors (w/ standard or premium uppers)

    Also notice these half doors + uppers are being shown on a hard top in the above pics...that's new (compared to a JK)
  7. JL New Option -- Dual Doors Option = Full Doors + Half Doors (w/ standard or premium uppers)

    Just saw an alert from JL Wrangler Forums stating you can now order the Dual Door Option on the JL's (premium uppers look to be about the cost of the diesel engine, roughly $4K rounded up... Link...
  8. Got my Willys

    How loud is the non-premium soft top?
  9. Rubicon vs Mojave Photos

    Ravenron -- in addition, that has to be the nicest looking, Mac Daddy-ish driveway I have ever seen... It's huge and wide (that's what she said) and looks brand new
  10. Rubicon vs Mojave Photos

    Dear God -- that Gobi Mojave is one SWWWEEEEET rig!!!!
  11. Rough Deal on Trades?

    BryantJT -- I'm in Houston, so I apologize, but Carvana said they would come pick up my Jeep in my driveway (for their quote). I told them the original windshield is cracked and I've got no back seat (my JK 2 door rear seat was sold 30 days into ownership 10 years ago). They didn't seem to...
  12. Rough Deal on Trades?

    I'm amazed at what Carvana and VRoom offer for outright sales (it certainly has me thinking about a new Gladiator Mojave for my JK Wrangler...)
  13. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    My God -- Jeepit's Mojave gives me a boner.............
  14. Mojave only Pic thread!

    Dear God -- why did Jeep discontinue Gobi and Gator, especially for the Mojave? These Gobi and Gator rigs, especially with the body colored hard tops and fender flares, are some Bad Mamma Jammas........
  15. Gladiator leaking water

    My JK hard top leaks more than when I had the soft top installed....just saying it/leakage follows no consistent pattern of hard top vs soft top...
  16. Mojave only Pic thread!

    JeepIt -- is that a premium soft top ($595)???
  17. My one week old Gobi!

    More details please on these wheels and tires package...
  18. JK wheels on a JT?

    Mkay -- those Rubicon takeoffs look terrific on this!!!
  19. Any issues to report?

    WXman is correct -- Jeep should have corrected (by now) those terrible/crappy welds