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  1. Wood size for Slot

    A handy tape measure is your best friend.
  2. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    Its a jeep, its a truck, its a manual. Nothing else matters. I love this thing.
  3. Gray Jeep Truck

    Hows the antirock on the highway?
  4. ALL Steering gear orders (NOT) cancelled !!!

    Its covid season and everything is getting backed up. Take a chill pill, people are dieing and your worried about wonky steering.
  5. Looking for a set of rock rail steps

    Have been looking for pictures. Did you have to cut like I've heard? Can you post some detailed pics please
  6. Looking for a set of rock rail steps

    I think this is one of the most general gladiator topics yet boys.
  7. Saw this while out.

    Um yes please.
  8. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys Debuts With Unique Content and Increased Capability

    Just get the mojave then. Problem solved. I wanted the willys package cause of the rims but don't want the limited slip so back to a base sport it is.
  9. I got surprised with a Launch Edition!

    Lol bet you had your tuition paid for too.
  10. What’s your Average MPG?

    Its a jeep why you worried about mpg? Just fill it up when it gets to 1/4 tank.
  11. I got surprised with a Launch Edition!

    Lol must be nice.
  12. Willy's shocks Says it gets rubicon rock rails and shocks. They have a black plastic body covering the shocks so it might be fox underneath?
  13. Willy's shocks

    Control arms are no different then what you have now. The willys package shocks are the same as the rubicon shocks. There ya go. Thread closed.
  14. Roast this deal

    Just get ur money back and go elsewhere
  15. Slipped out of gear while in Offroad+ Mode

    Is offroad + only available in 4low? Maybe you fudged the tranny up? Auto vs manual?
  16. JTR Spartacus Build Journal

    Agreed. It is hard. Nice jeep. Hope to be on 37 ko2s one day.
  17. JTR Spartacus Build Journal

    Not to be rude but not everything overseas is bad. Bet your clothes are usa made too right?
  18. Hellcrate Redeye Hemi

    Imagine having that kind of dough to do this conversion, or any conversion to be specific, hell even owning a new truck is hella expensive.
  19. Designing covers for media hub and front outlets

    Why would you not use the media center?