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  1. Below Invoice Discussion @ Motor Inn of Spirit Lake

    Now you guys are getting carried away...
  2. Below Invoice Discussion @ Motor Inn of Spirit Lake

    pass NOT a HARD-PASS, but still pass. I WANT A DAMN DIESEL MOJAVE!!!:devil:
  3. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Great meeting you two!
  4. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    Super-Duper made some new friends today: On the Left: @Artsifrtsi 's Overland and On the Right: Mrs @Artsifrtsi 's TJ :rock:
  5. viny graphics on the gladiator

    @Pat2Alaska Hook this guy up. @vance Check out Pat's build.
  6. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    holychit… :rock:
  7. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    Here you go: Do you mind measuring the length of the base of the roll bar? looks like 34.5" And do you think it's possible to installed narrowly? um, not sure what you mean. Is the top bar level to the hard top (or the basket is)? Bar lines up great. Just figuring out if this can bolt on to...
  8. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    Look at that second and third pic. It sits on the Bed Rail, but bolts into the Trail Rail. NO DRILL/NO HOLES!!!
  9. Prob going to win "stupid question of the day" with this one, and thats ok lol

    I had higher hopes on the Stupidity Meter from the title. kinda disappointed... :LOL:
  10. 35s or 37s?

    I had ZERO rub, I didn't find a single speedbump that would flex that much... :CWL: :LOL:
  11. Mojave Availability?

    @spenchey just add this one to my tab on the Diesel Mojave. :angel:
  12. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    As far as SUPER-DUPER is concerned, it's been A GREAT ride!!! well, EXCEPT FOR 01/06-05/26, WHICH SUCKED EXOTIC ANIMAL WEINERS...
  13. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    Pretty sure I got them from Pixel Decals. @pixeldecals Don, Do you remember?
  14. Motor Inn Customers and Friends - First Year of Your Gladiator

    1 year ago, I was bugging @spenchey numerous times a day, "DUDE, Where's my Gladiator?" 8 days to go for a year.
  15. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    So I've had it back for 10 days. I wanted to wait to update as this has been a nightmare and wanted to see what's the deal. I can't get deep in the details right now as there's lawyers AND agency's involved. ya, I know peeps AND have a temper. I will say this, GET A GUY THAT KNOWS WHAT THE...
  16. Wisconsin SOLD....WTS Rubicon LE Suspension Take Off

    just kinda curious, How in THE HELL did you come up with $347? ROFLMAO! :LOL:
  17. Passed up $8700 off a Launch Edition

    shutuppayou WE HAVE LOYALTY HERE!!! :LOL:
  18. Passed up $8700 off a Launch Edition

    @spenchey another one. shit, I got me a new side-hustle... lol