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  1. Ranger Raptor Unveiled. Come on Jeep!!!

    2023 Ranger Raptor World Premiere! -- Ranger6G.com Ford officially announced the Ranger Raptor for 2023, with the 3.0 V6 twin turbo, so where's Jeep's response? We want a Mojave suspended XR Rubicon Gladiator, with the 3.0T Inline 6! Let's go!
  2. Damaged driveshaft carrier bearing- Need part number

    I damaged my driveshaft carrier bearing this weekend, and am searching for a replacement. Does anyone know the difference between rear driveshaft part number 68330600AA and number 68330598AB? When I look up both parts, their fitment is the same. I have a Rubicon with the automatic transmission...
  3. “We’ll have more 35” tire availability news later this year, so stay tuned.” = Xtreme Recon Gladiator?

    I was just watching the Jeep reveal of the Xtreme Recon Wrangler (1.5” lift, 35” tires, beadlock capable wheels, and 4.56 or 4.88 gears), and caught something being said that I’m not sure I’ve seen talked about here. At the 11:33 mark in the video, Jeep VP Jim Morrison stated, “We’ll have more...
  4. Where is ShadowsPapa?

    Anyone heard from or know anything about forum member @ShadowsPapa? He seems to have disappeared for nearly the past 3 weeks. I messaged him, but didn’t hear back. I hope he is ok.
  5. Power Steering Settings- Normal, Sport, Comfort

    I went to the dealer last week to have a few things checked out under warranty. While there, they flashed the Uconnect for Tire Fill Alert. That apparently didn’t take, but I found this while looking at my Jeep’s Safety and Driving Assistance settings. I tried to select both Sport and Comfort to...
  6. JT/JL Rubicon Axle Shaft Differences

    I bent a rear axle flange, and was donated a JL Rubi shaft as a temporary replacement. To my surprise, there were a few differences between the JT and JL shafts. First, the JT shaft has a snap ring just inside the bearing retainer, which the JL shaft (and most other D44s) doesn’t have. Second...
  7. Mopar Hard Tonneau Buckle Broken- Need Part Number

    Both of the plastic buckles which hold the hard tri-fold tonneau open on mine have broken, and Google doesn’t seem to be any help on this one. Anyone have a Mopar part number or substitute part from another cover which will work? Thanks I’m advance.
  8. Front Axle U-Joints

    If anyone is looking for a replacement front axle u-joint, in a more friendly price than the $85 Mopar 6842329AA part, the Spicer part number is 5-7166X. I was able to find one online for about $35 shipped.
  9. Recall and TSB List Needed

    The JLWrangler sister forum has a “sticky” thread at the top of the tech forum which lists and links all Recalls and TSBs. We need one of them here for the Gladiator.
  10. Tennessee Sold: DV8 Offroad SRGL-02 Bolt-on Side Step Sliders

    I have a new in box set of DV8 Step Sliders for sale. Quadratec sells these for $525. I will sell these for $300, with local pickup only. I would also trade these toward a nice tonneau cover, or other cool Jeep stuff I want...
  11. Tennessee Sold: Daystar 2” Lift with Rubicon Fox Shocks

    I have a Daystar 2” lift kit with Rubicon Fox Shocks for sale. These have about 10k miles on them, although some parts were removed prior to that, and the rear 3/4” spacers (1.5” rear spacers are not included) were never used. I will take $300 for local pickup, and $350 shipped to the lower 48.
  12. Loose Steering Box Bolts

    I noticed a creaking sound today coming from my steering. I had my daughter turn the wheel while I checked for play in various components, and noticed the steering box moving. I checked the bolts attaching it to the frame and 2 of 4 bolts were loose. Now, I have been fairly hard on it off road...
  13. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    This is a call for any and all aftermarket light manufacturers to start producing flush mount tail lights for the JT. I don’t know why Jeep engineers continue to design tail lights which protrude from the sides of Wranglers, and now Gladiators. This makes no sense...
  14. Electric Power Steering On/Off Computer Status

    After reading on the JL Forum about someone who “tightened” his steering by turning “off” his electric power steering, I checked the status of mine with JScan. Mine showed the current status as “Deactivated”. I switched it to “Active”, and went for a test drive. The steering felt much “tighter”...
  15. 2” Mopar Lift Springs for $32.99 each??

    I’ve noticed that the JL front Mopar 2” lift springs are available for the low low price of $32.99 each on several sites. Considering JT and JL springs are similar in rate and length, this could be a really cheap way to get 2” of front lift. Anyone else thought about this?
  16. Anyone using Synergy springs?

    I am evaluating exactly what to upgrade next on my Gladiator, and was wondering if anyone has used Synergy 2" or 3" springs up front. Synergy has very soft spring rates, and on-road comfort is a significant consideration. In JL world, they seem to be one of the softest riding springs. Anyone?
  17. Gladiator Body-in-White Bodyshell Production Video

    I found this today, and thought it was pretty interesting.
  18. Tennessee Toilet Paper

    Yeah, all these hoarders who bought up all the toilet paper because of the COVID-19 virus are now on my "$hit List"...literally.
  19. DV8 Slider/Steps Bent Brackets on First Trip

    Well, I had hoped to not have to post this, but you all should be aware of this potential issue with the DV8 Slider/Steps. I noticed that the brackets on these were thicker than factory brackets, but they lacked some gussets which would have easily made them stronger, and the metal plates on the...
  20. Tennessee Sold: Rubicon Rock Rails- $100

    I have a set of Rubicon rock rails for sale in Southeast TN. They have some rock scrapes on them, but they are not dented or bent. $100.