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  1. 37s and Sport Fenders/Brakes?

    Can I ask what the issues were? I've bought a few Tactic items like my bumper and winch from Quadratec. I think they're the same brand. The bumper is ok for the price. Definitely will be upgrading eventually after the finish flakes off and it rusts a bit more. The winch, I used for the first...
  2. 37s and Sport Fenders/Brakes?

    Bed lining them would be sweet. I was thinking of taking the carpet out and bed lining the inside of the cab. Thanks! I guess I'll go ahead and pick up the fenders with the tires. XT has the geolandars for $380 right now and it's about that time to get some new ones!
  3. 37s and Sport Fenders/Brakes?

    I will definitely take a look at that. My only concern with eBay is the filter. I'm assuming it just has the one filter in the box? I was almost ready to buy metal fenders because of the fade. I live in NC and it sits outside 24/7. I see all those JK's with faded fenders and bumpers around...
  4. 37s and Sport Fenders/Brakes?

    You answered my question and more lol. I do have a set of aftermarket wheels with a decent bit of back spacing. Those are actually the fenders I was looking at. Those and the Quadratec Baja. How do you like them? Are they worth it for the price vs something like the Baja? I really wanted...
  5. 37s and Sport Fenders/Brakes?

    I've noticed they work "fine" with my 35s, but I really have to mash it down and use the transmission to slow down on highways. I'll look into the PowerBrake system though.
  6. 37s and Sport Fenders/Brakes?

    So I have a 21 Sport S that came with the Mopar lift and 35s. I am in need of new tires and found a good deal on a set of 37s which I am going to anyways. My question is will they fit under the Sport Fenders? I'm sure I need bump stop extensions to do so because at full flex the 35s are almost...
  7. ARB dual compressor rear seat install with 4XE air conversion cowl.

    I wonder if I can do this but with an inverter to get power out of it.. 🤔
  8. FIRECRACKER RED Gladiator JT Club

    Got the doors off finally as the whether cooled down.
  9. NEW Upfit by AEV Packages (Upcountry, Upcountry+, Level II) Available for 2024 Jeep Gladiator

    I guess it's time to rip the fenders off my sport to fit 37s
  10. NEW Upfit by AEV Packages (Upcountry, Upcountry+, Level II) Available for 2024 Jeep Gladiator

    Has anyone noticed the JL Willy's has Rubicon fenders but the JT does not? Or am I looking at it wrong?
  11. Overland Package Conundrum

    Honestly, you don't need lockers for 90% of things. I have a sport with the LSD in the back and open front on 2" lift and 35s, regeared to 5.13 as I'm going 37s next time. There have been times I wished I had lockers for ease but I have never NEEDED them. This thing will climb anything in 4LO I...
  12. Digital Rearview Mirror

    Has anyone used the stinger camera or any others as a trail cam? I was thinking of going this direction but wanted a trail cam also. I'm not sure if it would work being as high up as it is
  13. 37's on a Sport S- Recomendations

    I went with a stubby after much research. I didn't like the stubby look at first but it has grown on me. I think eventually I'll get a modular bumper so I can take the ends off if need be.
  14. 37's on a Sport S- Recomendations

    That's what I'm worried about. I don't wanna rip off my pretty red fenders lol. Also how do you like those Patagonias? I've seen those things crawl some serious rocks
  15. 37's on a Sport S- Recomendations

    I have a set of Yokohama Geolander X-ATs that came on the truck and I really didn't expect much of them but they have surprised me in every way possible. So much so that I'll probably get them again when moving to 37s. Or maybe move to the X-MT they offer. But they do awesome in mud or rock and...
  16. 37's on a Sport S- Recomendations

    Maybe a chop would fix that but let me keep my fenders? I feel like the added height vs the chop would give me the same flex I have now. If my math is correct...
  17. 37's on a Sport S- Recomendations

    I know this an old thread but with the stock fenders, do the tires rub the fenders with sway bar disconnected? I like my painted fenders on my 80th anniversary and have the Mopar lift but want to move from 35s to 37s. Maybe a spacer as well?
  18. Pics with tube doors -- post yours

    Is that cover hard to put on? My whole thing about taking the doors off is I don't wanna get caught in some bad weather.
  19. Hard Top Pricing?

    Thanks. That's probably where I'll start. Now to figure out how to transport it without being completely topless for too long... Rains a lot in the summer here..