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  1. Attempt Theft of Roof Rack

    Bad News: I have a Yakima Off Grid (medium) roof rack mounted on rails on my ARE Shell. It's been mounted there for over a year, yet some asshole climbed up on the hood, walked to the roof and pried on the rails trying to get it loose succeeding in only breaking one corner loose before...
  2. Satellite Phones

    Looking for feedback on Satellite Phones. I go to Mojave Desert and want a dependable sat phone for emergency use.
  3. Is there a GPS Tracker on your Jeep?

    I was reading the Wrangler Forum and the following attachment was found under the dash. it appears to be a dealer installed GPS tracker. I would suggest we all look under the dash and see if you too are being tracked. Although this appeared to have occurred in Colorado; in California, it is a...
  4. Front Bumper build for JT

    After waffling back and forth about the AEV bumper, I've decided to go domestic and use Mopar parts instead. It's not just the $2,500 (plus) differential in cost, it's the waiting and the uncertainty on delivery. In the long run I will have a comparable bumper and winch with identical...
  5. Hood lock for 2020 Rubicon JT

    I am wanting to keep the thieves even further away and looking for what works for locking my 2020 Gladiator Rubicon hood. Whether it be locking latches or a centralized hood lock... what ever is good looking, functional, and available. Thanks for your imput
  6. Someone's scoping my Gladiator

    I was opening up my house at 5:30 this morning and caught someone scoping out my Glad. He was driving a raised older Cherokee with loud ratty exhaust. The fool made a u-turn next door and stopped to take a better look before he saw me on my porch watching him. He drove off only to stop a half...
  7. Any experience with Oracle Sidetrak lights?

    These lights are held in place with body tape. Does this last? Any experience with Oracle products would be appreciated.
  8. Thanksgiving Greetings Fellow Jeepers

    It may be time to reflect why we are free to own one of the greatest motor vehicles on this planet. The vehicle that carried the men, women, and armaments that freed our world of evil, and then tilled the earth on farms, pulled trailers of livestock, scouted the range for strays on the ranches...
  9. Flags on Jeeps

    A great American Icon like the Jeep should be appropriately decorated.......
  10. Free under rear seat storage bin for Gladiator or Wrangler

    I bought a new factory locking storage bin for my new 2020 Gladiator and removed the factory lidless bin. It's free to good home...... answer to this post and we can connect. Prefer So Cal for pick up. Terry