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  1. What kind of mistake did I made ?

    If I remember correctly, there’s supposed to be brackets to out the shocks more outboard? I could be very wrong though.
  2. Shrek, the Gladiator

    Eh… even for $100 I’m disappointed in the snorkel. Knew going into it that the tube may cave in on itself, no worries, it’ll pull the air it needs to, but the tube not only caved in on itself, it cracked at the seams on the sides. Currently it’s taped with waterproof tape while I decide what...
  3. Shrek, the Gladiator

    Adding for future reference: Ran the below for just about a year, a few of the diodes died. Probably just due to how it’s built, swapped to F15 Auxbeam and the cutoff is so much better than the tricolor. H13/9008 3-Colors Switchback High and Low Beam X60 LED Light Bulbs 40W 8000LM × 1 Now...
  4. Hail bashed my hood - 392 replacement?

    Wonder why the difference.. easier to form the scoop out of steel than aluminum? All this back and forth made me go out and confirm, aluminum for my rubicon. As expected.
  5. Knock-off Amfib Snorkel

    Have you had any issues with the middle tube caving in on itself? If not, could you link which one you bought?
  6. Anyone recognize this bumper?

    https://www.smittybilt.com/product-skus/smittybilt-stryker-front-bumper-black-76730/ Stryker bumper with the wings.
  7. Come on, do something.

    I feel that pain, I’m in logistics, specifically truckload shipping. It’s either balls to the wall or “hang on we need to get the PO’s straightened out but go ahead and send a guy in and have him wait 10 hours” We do a little government work here and there, it’s always fun dealing with SAM and...
  8. Hail bashed my hood - 392 replacement?

    I would likely avoid the 392 real scoop. There’s a reason Jeep engineers made it fake. If I remember correctly, someone tubed up a 392 hood to their air intake, but it wasn’t easy. Other than that, you’re just throwing positive pressure air into the engine bay which really wouldn’t benefit...
  9. Squeaking Noise at Low Speed ??

    Ahh that’s weird… I can’t think of anything else specific it could be
  10. Squeaking Noise at Low Speed ??

    No idea why but I’ve stopped using it out of habit too and the noise has gone away. If I hear it, I’ll cruise at 2-3mph and press the parking brake button and pull it up real quick and that can get it to go away sometimes.
  11. Squeaking Noise at Low Speed ??

    Do you use your parking brake? I stopped using mine and the squeak went away
  12. 20” SAE Double Row Curved Lightbar?

    I’ve always been taught since I learned how to drive… take the radar detector down anytime you’re in Virginia, and go 5 under. Not worth it there. I’m down in Georgia and just about anything flies so long as you aren’t endangering someone else imminently
  13. 20” SAE Double Row Curved Lightbar?

    You’re right, doubt a cop or state trooper would love this pointed in their eyes as they drive by.
  14. 20” SAE Double Row Curved Lightbar?

    https://www.rigidindustries.com/lights/product/bars.html?beam_category_multi=2012 https://www.diodedynamics.com/stage-series-12-sae-dot-white-light-bar-pair.html Both reputable brands, both sae Now, ethically, should it be used as a supplemental light, probably not but legally, could be.
  15. 20” SAE Double Row Curved Lightbar?

    Doubtful it exists. Found the below though: https://www.rigidindustries.com/lights/product/bars.html?beam_category_multi=2012 https://www.diodedynamics.com/stage-series-12-sae-dot-white-light-bar-pair.html Due to sae standards, a 20 inch light bar might exceed allowable light output. And a...
  16. My real world MPG... yours may differ!

    50 mile round trip, downhill to Atlanta and then uphill north, lucky if I can get an average of 17 after sitting in traffic all the way home
  17. School me on bumpers...

    Modularity is the new move. I would have rather an ARB bumper but couldn’t justify 1000+ when I’m not quite set in what I want to do with the jeep yet.
  18. School me on bumpers...

    I vaguely remember someone else saying that, and ordering it and the ends still come off.
  19. mounting marker lights on side mirrors

    Or grab high altitude mirrors and wire em up
  20. School me on bumpers...

    One of those does.. there’s honestly no reason either actual bumper won’t fit the rubicon, if anything, the incompatibility comes from mounting the skid and, which skid gets the appropriate brackets/adaptors to fit the skid. I’m running the steel eBay clone without a skid on my rubicon. I ran...