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  1. Pic request: OEM Steel Spares on 37’s

    Not running it, but Discount mounted my 37x12.5 on my steel spare without issue
  2. So i got pulled over and thrown the book. apparently i need wide vehicle lights?

    Ditto... lots of perfect Karen's on here eager to point a finger. Remember, off road doesn't mean your driveway!
  3. HELP! Removing the rear and side interior panels…

    I'll add my two "cents" in case it helps someone in the future. What we are missing here is the order of operation. I needed access to the rear wall as I wanted to punch in a grommet for a GMRS Antenna. I was trying to remove the rear quarter panel and ultimately discovered that if you are...
  4. Fuel door concern

    .... I've had this happen. It was one particular wash and how they had their dryers focused. My solution was to roll out and close the door.
  5. Advice on Minimizing Getting Blown Around by Crosswinds

    You're driving a brick ... someone farts on the sidewalk and you're going to feel it. Throw on a topper and it's amplified probably x3. I'm shocked these things get the MPG's that they do given the complete absence of any aerodynamics.
  6. Confused on Transmission Service

    I do mine every 30k ... if you don't feel that your use conditions justify 30k then send oil in for an analysis. "Lifetime" is a complete joke ....
  7. P026D - The saga continues

    You might check out the "Unwinding Roads" Youtube channel ... he worked with a company up in BC on his Eco. if anything they might be able to suggest a solution.
  8. Stop Vehicle Now - Updates Alternator ?

    ... This. You have to be careful when disconnecting and reconnecting the battery cables with both batteries active in the system. Ground out the positive and the array is toast. I don't get pulling the F42 fuse? ... just follow the Genesis Battery system for wiring/bypass for your year and...
  9. The 392 Single Cab Gladiator sells for $65,000 at Barrett-Jackson

    392 is cool ... everything else ...Meh
  10. Gladiator is crap for towing

    Big difference between a Sport with a tow package and the Max Tow trimmed Sport S ... it sounds like you need to pile in and do some home work. All vehicles typically need some re-work to optimize them for the type of towing you are going to do ... example... I have a Sport S w/ the Max Tow Pkg...
  11. Jeep is holding my truck on the shipping lot for no reason

    Good luck ... all the OEM's are a machine and they run at only one speed. IMO their parts distribution isn't any better ... I recently ordered an OEM part through Northridge ... after a few months I started to inquire. The Northridge rep couldn't even get Mopar to return their call so they went...
  12. Oil leak from the front of JTR

    I'm not sure that will be accurate ... the stiction of the O-ring I think would skew that number (IDK)
  13. It’s normal???

    Whoa .... you're a diesel tech and did not know that lubricant applied to the tie rod threads to prevent seizing might migrate?
  14. Jeep Service...ugh

    ... definitely a place to look
  15. Jeep Service...ugh

    ... ask them to retorque the suspension and steering
  16. Teaser Video for Racetrack and Flush Mount Installation! + Behind Scenes Photo Shoot

    .... I don't dislike the look, but unfortunately I'm skeptical of reliability.... and any post purchase support
  17. What to do with stock underbody skids?

    They are virtually worthless, just give them away or recycle
  18. After market steel mopar type bumper

    looks like they install to the lower frame tabs (whatever they are called), which are not to be used for form of recovery

    100% ... just because the market has been stupid that last two years doesn't make it the norm, but the exception. If you chose to purchase within that time you need to be able to sleep at night knowing that you are probably upside down. I paid $43k in 20' ... so far have dumped in another $15k...