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  1. Basecamp 16X - pulls great!

    Generator for this trailer has to store in the tow vehicle, pretty sure. No bin big enough or prepped for exhaust. it is definitely not a class A or C. I like the OPs rig!
  2. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    Yikes one pound. I think I will probably just go with the original… and when I see diggers on a trailer get off the road!:LOL:
  3. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    Do you know the weights? 1 the original? 2 GG? Would be interested in the actual numbers.
  4. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    So, I signed up on the HGP webpage, they said, the product for Gladiator with ACC etc is 3rd quarter. That is going to be a long time with a glass cracked window.
  5. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    Anyone came up with a part number yet for GG for a Gladiator with ACC?
  6. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    I still want a part number so I can get on some sort of official waiting list. RIght now my dealer says it is not available, as does their glass supplier. So, keep pushing! ;-)
  7. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    Well, a part number for replacement on a 2020 Gladiator for ACC would be my deepest wish. i can live with the crack it is not that bad. Just want it fixed.
  8. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    So, do they make one for my Rubicon that will work with the ACC? Or is the dealer just trying to sell me what they have?
  9. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    So, the dealer is telling me the Gorilla Glass is on Backorder, and that it won’t work with the ACC….which makes me think they just want to sell me what they have. Does the GG work with Gladiators that have ACC or not?
  10. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    Thanks. Kind of mirrors my thinking. Although this is my first replacement. Any other opinions out there?
  11. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    Should I replace my windshield that cracked with standard glass or gorilla glass? They say the Gorilla glass is lighter. Does anyone know what the windshield weighs in both forms? Thanks!!!!
  12. RV Towing

    I am a big fan of Trailmanor. I am going to buy an Airstream, but TM are awesome little trailers.
  13. Towing concerns. What are you towing at what max?

    I have been practicing since you mentioned it. Have you checked your transmission temps while pulling and compared what you are seeing? I am trying to confirm it will help the transmission long term.
  14. Looking at Campers (6spd Sport Manual)

    And yet everyone one of these conversations throws it out…… So many smart people who know so much….:rock:
  15. Looking at Campers (6spd Sport Manual)

    How would any enforcement agency know that they are over their rating? Do they do random stops and open the door to see the tow rating, etc.? Or do they do it like sobriety check points where they stop all vehicles towing and send them to the Cat Scales? The only way I could see anyone ever...
  16. Towing Camper without Max Tow

    If you are talking to me. I did not say Airstream are light. I suggested Trailmanor. I am, personally, going to buy an Airstream when I reach retirement sometime in the next 2 years. It has nothing to do with weight or cost. It is purely personal desire. I think for the money Trailmanor...
  17. Towing Camper without Max Tow

    Have you considered a trailmanor trailer. They are generally lightweight and they are pretty comfortable for actually using as a camper. https://trailmanor.com I was going to buy one of those until I decided I just had to have an Airstream. The heaviest trailer they offer is only dry weight...
  18. So, what is everybody towing?

    How much does that old Avion weigh. Cool trailer.
  19. So, what is everybody towing?

    Well it is Waverunner.... kind of like a small lawnmower, I would hope to heck it was not an issue.:LOL: