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  1. GPS mapping app for Uwharrie

    Hey all, not sure where to put this so I put it here. I'm heading to Uwharrie in a couple ofmweeks. It will be our first time there. Can anyone suggest a mapping app that will help me navigate my way around. Also, any suggestions on what trails to hit would be cool. I'm going to look at Dickey...
  2. trails or treat green guided ride at AOAA.

    Planning to hit AOAA on Halloween for the green guided ride. It will be our first time here. Anyone else interested?
  3. rausch creek October 3

    Hey all. Doing the green guided trail ride this Saturday and was wondering if anyone else planned on going too.
  4. Clunk going onto reverse

    When ever I go from park to reverse there is a loud clunk. Anyone else notice this? I only really notice it as I am about to back out the driveway. I think the sound bounces off the garage door and makes it sound louder. Back in The day I would have thought the U joints were bad but I highly...
  5. affordable handheld CB radio

    Can anyone recommend a handheld CB radio? Before I get flamed.....I know hand held have very little range. I'm just not looking to mount something g permanent. For the couple times(maybe not even) a year where I might need it while at the ohv park a handheld will suit my needs. Plus it seems...
  6. off road consulting

    I cant seem to get in touch with them. I have a free weekend coming up and I wanted to book june 27 101 class. I dont think I need the class but I have no one to go with so I figured it couldn't hurt. I emailed them with no response. The option to sign up for the class isn't available on their...
  7. Anyone running falken rubitreks?

    I am torn between the Kenda Klever 35 10.5r17s and the falken rubitrek 315 70r17. These will be going on stock rubicon wheels and I dont plan on lifting. The Kendas get plenty of great reviews so I understand them for the most part. I like that they aren't as wide as most 35s or 315s. The...
  8. What about north east?

    No north east forum? There's only like 100 million peol,e in this area........... NY NJ Connecticut Pennsylvania
  9. tazer or tazer mini?

    Question. Other than its size is there a difference between the tazer and the tazer mini?
  10. truck bed air mattress

    Has anyone found a mattress that fits around the wheel wells in the bed yet? thinking about getting a tent for the bed to do some overnighting this summer.
  11. someone please explain back spacing to me.

    So with all this free time on my hand while self isolating I am considering my options for new rims and tires. I would love to put a lift with 37 inch tires but my problem is that i have a hard enough time getting in the jeep that the extra 4 inches of height would make it considerably worse...
  12. where are you powering the winch?

    Got plenty of time on my hands so I am thinking about a winch. I see alot of instructions say to directly wire it to the batery. Would it get enough juice by using one of the aux switches? Thanks
  13. off road plus

    I cant seem to find out exactly what this button does. I searched the forums. I also looked in the manual. Google came up empty too. I have read that it somehow changes the geering to help drive in sand. But what exactly does it do. When can I use it 2hi 4hi 4low? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. seat is uncomfortable

    So I've had the jt for about a month and put on almost 3,000 miles and I have to say I think this is one of the most uncomfortable seats I have sat in. First off, the headrest is so forward that it bothers my upper back/neck. I realise is an anti whiplash thing but really.....also, try to...
  15. bluetooth speaker not charging

    Hi. My speaker isn't working. I tried it a week ago and it wouldn't turn on. I have used it once in the past briefly to check it out. I thought perhaps I left it on and didn't seat it properly in the charging space so i put it back in securely. I just pulled it out again and it still won't...
  16. what are you using to protect the black fenders and top.

    Wondering what is being used to protect and retain the black color of the fenders and top. On our liberty the black bumper is gray and I want to try and keep the jt parts black.
  17. dashboard brightness

    Hello. Since the days are so short right now I am leaving the house in darkness and I drive home in darkness. I can't seem to figure out the dashboard display brightness. It's either so dark I can't see it well or is blinding me with brightness. It seems that one of the wheel switches by the...
  18. reverse with the door open.

    So I picked up my JT yesterday and was adding a dead pedal to it. For those that have done this know you basically have to be a human contortionist to get in there. anyway, it has been raining here alot and I was parked next to a puddle and wanted to back up away from it. I had the door open...
  19. new member here!

    Hey all. I have been lurking here for a bit and yesterday I pulled the trigger and ordered a sting-gray Rubicon. can't wait for it to get here, hopefully before the end of the year. Anyway thanks for all the posts with pictures and interesting info.