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  1. 2021-2024 Jeep Gladiator (JT) Service Repair Manual

    @RubiDukkie found a site (here) I got it downloaded and posted it here - ALL FILES Feel free to download. :)
  2. W.T.F.D.I.G.M.I - Turning my daily drive into a trail rig.

    So a few guys had asked me to post about the Motobilt bobbed bed install that I've alluded to in the 'What...?' threads. But I decided it needed backed up a bit to tell the whole story... This is a story of not learning the 'buy once, cry once' rule soon enough, changing my mind multiple times...
  3. Tennessee Sold: Hooke Road Hitch slider/step and RhinoUSA Hitch Pin Lock

    Hooke Road Hitch slider/step and RhinoUSA Hitch Pin Lock. One of the first things I decided I needed was protection for my hitch and this slider has done a phenomenal job at that. One of the things I didn't realize I'd love about it is it's functionality as a step as well. Has some surface rust...
  4. Tennessee Sold: Mopar Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau

    I have a Mopar Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau for sale that is coming off my OEM bed. I'm moving to a bobbed bed and parting out the old one. This tonneau has been on my Gladiator since I've bought it and is still in like new condition. Minor scuffs and scratches from normal wear and tear. I have all...
  5. Tennessee Sold: Motobilt Bed side Molle panels - Drivers and Passengers

    I have a set of Motobilt Molle panels for the driver's and passenger's side of the OEM bed. I'm moving to a bobbed bed and parting out all the goodies on my OEM bed, my loss your gain sort of thing. These are currently painted bright white to match my JT but can be stripped and re-coated with...
  6. Four new Badge of Honor Trails now available

    Title says most of it, four new Badge of Honor trails were added today if you haven't seen it yet. One in Hot Springs, One in Southern Missouri, and two in Anthracite in PA.
  7. Should I be upset?

    So part of my weekend trail damage was my steering wheel being off center and the ESC light/warning coming on. Still tracks straight when I let go of the wheel on a straight stretch so I climbed under it this afternoon to straighten the steering wheel. Made the adjustment, got ready to tighten...
  8. The 'right' way to bleed your power steering.

    So I'm adding an Apex Power Steering Booster and Cooler this weekend, got most of the install finished up, pretty straight forward. I'm looking forward to finishing it up in the morning, gotta finish mounting the cooler and running the low pressure line back to the pump. Anyways, as I'm...
  9. Trailfest 2023 - Uwharrie

    Southern Four Wheel Drive Association Trailfest 2023 - https://www.sfwda.org/event-calendar#id=180&wid=201&cid=1044 Just registered for the weekend, if anyone is going to be in the area and would like to meet up either at the event or nearby, I'd love to meet some folks.
  10. Tennessee OEM Front Sway bar

    I have an OEM front Sway bar if anyone is interested or has a bent one they need to replace. Asking $50, it's awkwardly shaped and decently heavy, but I'm willing to check on shipping prices. Let me know if you're interested. Pics -
  11. Tennessee Sold: Apex AutoLynx - 10.5" Stroke Sway Bar Disconnects

    These are slightly used, put them on in September, took them off today. They went off-road on some mild to medium trails once and performed beautifully, almost considering keeping them but if I sell them then I have more cash for more Jeep parts. 🤪 I only took them off because I got a great...
  12. Dually anyone?

    Seen this in a gladiator group on facebook. Not sure how I really feel about this one, on one hand from this pic, it looks decently well done (except those fenders, wtf). On the other hand, I'm like WHY?????
  13. Tennessee Sold: New In Box - Weathertech Mud Flaps

    I have a set of Front and Rear Mud Flaps from WeatherTech that were bought for me but never used. Parts # 110097-120113 from WeatherTech. These will not fit: Rubicon, Mojave, High Altitude, or Max Tow package Sports. New these are $99 + shipping, I'll sell them for $50 $40. Since they are in...
  14. 2 Door Gladiator 4xe @ SEMA - Quadratec truck

    [Banned Site]'s tour of the truck is in this video -
  15. Now this one I like...

    Too bad it's just a digital rendering.
  16. Tennessee Sold: Metalcloak Rear Diff Skid and Rear Diff Cover

    So I have a new still in the box Metalcloak Rear Diff Cover and Rear Diff Skid (unpacked and then repacked). I bought these, but then decided to go another brand since Metalcloak had no ETA on the Front Axle set up for the 22 model year. Everything below included, I don't really feel like...
  17. Front AntiRock on sale at Quadratec

    I know some on the forums have sworn off Quadratec, but there's a heck of a deal on the Front Anti-Rock Sway Bar over there right now.....it's listed at $270 dollars off the normal price. https://www.quadratec.com/p/currie-enterprises/front-anti-rock-sway-bar-kit-jeep-wrangler-jl Yes, the link...
  18. Not a Gladiator but very cool

    Was at the local Cars and Coffee this past weekend and came across this beauty -