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  1. RSI SmartCaps in Stock!!

    We have received our backordered caps and fulfilled all existing orders. We have the EVO Sport, EVOa Adventure, and EVOc Commercial series in stock. EVO Sport Series - $4195.00 EVOa Adventure Series - $3995.00 EVOc Commercial Series - $3695.00 Additionally we have the new style Camp Kitchen...
  2. 2022 AEV Gladiator Rubicon build

    Gladiator is looking great Don!! Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to hearing how the upcoming trip goes.
  3. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    We love our Hydro Blue Jeeps. The shop has 2 JLU "twins", a JLU 392, and this is our 392 powered JT!!
  4. N-Fab Trailslider

    For a functional rockslider and step take a look at the RockHard 4x4 Patriot Series. They have an angled down version that provides about 3.5" of drop across the entire length of the cab. Mounts in factory Rubi Rail location, so ends up with close to 6" of additional access. They are solid...
  5. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    Thank you everyone that purchased during the sale. The sale has concluded, if purchased on Monday or Tuesday it should be shipping out today. If anyone hasnt recieved their shipping confirmations please let me know!
  6. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    We will have to contact them and let them know they need to step up their game. Glad you recieved it before the 4th! Thank you again!!
  7. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    Apologies, I was out yesterday for a family members Surgery. As soon as shipment is scheduled the tracking information should be forwarded. I will dig in as I can over the weekend and see what I can find for you. I appreciate your patience and look forward to continuing to help out any way I can.
  8. !! Nemesis Industries JT Highline Fender Flares - Exclusive Release !!

    Yes they fit all Gladiators regardless of trim. The mounting surface and location for the fender flares does not change as it is on the body panels itself.
  9. !! Nemesis Industries JT Highline Fender Flares - Exclusive Release !!

    Introducing the long-awaited arrival of a remarkable addition to our product lineup! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly-anticipated Nemesis Industries Highline Crawler Fender Flares. These are a true high-line option designed to increase clearance and up travel while...
  10. Opinions requested please.

    So are new wheels….lol
  11. Opinions requested please.

    We always jokingly tell customers the following: "Wheels are like picking your significant other, no matter what your friends & family think, you have to live with them everyday"
  12. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    We pride ourselves in making it easier on the consumer…..lol. Thank you for the purchase!!
  13. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    Awesome! Thank you! Definately look forward to seeing it mounted and put to good use!!
  14. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    Thank You!! We will get it out as soon as we can. We appreciate it!
  15. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    I would tend to agree for the heavy overland rig, or Gladiator on big meats, fully armored, etc. But for someone who doesnt have a winch and is looking to pick up a new one or upgrade an existing one, it is hard to pass on a $600 WARN
  16. WARN VR EVO 10S SALE!! - Sale has Ended

    Still plenty in stock and ready to ship!
  17. Help me decide on tires

    As far as all terrains go, take a look at the following: Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T We have been thrilled with the Baja Boss A/T. I personally run these on my wifes RAM 1500. They are the quietest all-terrain I have ever driven. They have a 50K mile tread warranty and are available in...
  18. Introducing HighLift OffRoad

    Hi, I'm Rob with HighLift OffRoad. We are a full service OffRoad retailer and distributor in Cincinnati, OH. We have been around for about 8 years and are constantly looking for ways to better engage with the Jeep community at large. Whether that is in our showroom or online through FB and...