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  1. It's not a Gladiator but...

    Snagged this from WallyWorld today, too cool to pass up.
  2. Possible Pricing Info Eco Diesel

    New Article from Today and I certainly hope this is not true.....need more data points...If true....F That! "As is the case with its competitors, the new Ram diesel engine is not cheap: a $4,995 stand-alone option, "...
  3. Overlanding comparison in Mojave: Gladiator vs Tacoma vs Colorado (Motortrend)

    TOYOTA TACOMA TRD PRO VS. JEEP GLADIATOR RUBICON VS. CHEVROLET COLORADO ZR2 BISON: MOJAVE ROAD RUN These midsize trucks tackle one of America’s best overland trails Review...
  4. New Patagonia XT

    While browsing the forums had a Google ad pop up advertising these new Extreme All Terrains.... Think these or the MT's would be better for 90% DD 10% off road? https://www.milestartires.com/light-truck-tires/patagonia-xt/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-vb51qz74gIVD8lbCh199AzHEAEYASAAEgLim_D_BwE
  5. Dealers to avoid - Charging over MSRP

    to start https://www.helfmandodge.net/new/Je...uston-TX-326cfe580a0e0ae86ddfa75daf36a070.htm Helfman Dodge in Houston shows the only one in the area, $10,000 ADM already tacked on.... "Yeah North York Chrysler is the dealership I found charging 8.5k over sticker. When I spoke to them they...
  6. EcoDiesel (pre)Order Thread

    Place holder for my VON... anyone care to fight me for the #1 spot? EDIT: Browsing another forum, the consensus is Ram EcoD will be available in summer for Aug delivery