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  1. Rotopax Locking Mount or Not

    I am (finally) getting a Rotopax fuel setup. I have heard some rumblings and reviews that the Locking Mount from Rotopax is not worthwhile. Issues with it failing or not working, etc. so I am trying to figure out if that is just nay-sayers or valid. I am thinking of using the DLX, reviews...
  2. Coils for Mojave

    I have added a metal front bumper, winch, decked system, SmartCap, roof rack and awning to my Mojave. My guess is that I am running 500+ lbs over stock weight 100% of the time. Stock everything else except 35" tires on the stock wheels. I am not rock crawling, just easy to light moderate...
  3. Rigging a cartop carrier over the truck bed

    We recently took a 2100+ mile trip with our dogs and needed to keep luggage secure and out of the elements. The dogs take up pretty much the entire back seat & since I have a Decked drawer system in my JT I don't have the ability to put luggage under my tonneau cover (4-5" just isn't enough...
  4. Adding trail lights to rear of shell/cap (RSI Smartcap or other)

    I am thinking of adding some amber lights on the back of the Smartcap somehow - looking for ideas on mounting locations and methods.
  5. Thinking about sound assassin along with headliners on my JT

    I have a few questions... 1. Does the sound assassin in the top make much difference when coupled with the headliner? Seems like the little strips wouldn't help much for sound or temperature. 2. Will the sound assassin floor application reduce the heat coming through the floor NOTICABLY? My...
  6. Off-road apps

    Anyone use the overland bound app? Thoughts, good,bad, worth subscribing? I’ve got onX and Gaia to compare currently & I’ve come across OverlandBound in the midst of choosing a mapping app. Do I throw a 3rd in the mix?
  7. Ironman 4x4 America DeltaWing 270

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with Ironman 4x4? Has anyone here tried out or seen the new Deltawing XTR-71? DeltaWing XTR-71 | 270 Degree Freestanding Awning - Ironman 4x4 America It seems comparable to the OVS 270, but the price with walls is better.
  8. Anyone using InReach or Zoleo?

    I am researching options for "emergency communication's" while out exploring. I don't feel ham radio is an option, want something with more consistent and wider reaching capability - thus satellite options. My primary desires are to Feel confident that an SOS can be sent almost anytime...
  9. Bed slide vs Decked?

    Anyone else considering these two options? I am a little torn because I have a few things (like a cooler) that wouldn't fit inside the Decked drawers. Occasionally tying things on top should be no issue for the Decked system but I would need to do that every time I camp with a cooler. With...