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  1. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Using the Gladiator to move stuff from Orlando to Ocala... And to finish the workshop... I really like this Jeep!
  2. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    I documented it back in September 18 https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/survey-for-those-with-misfire-issues.24853/page-122#post-1191543 Software update: Performed rapid response 08-071-22 Rev C Update PCM Software
  3. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    I probably will jinx myself for writing this... but since the update to the software, and additional 9,000 miles, no issues.
  4. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Got a Check Engine Light last Saturday... I was driving close to the dealer and decided to go and get it documented. In previous situations were the Check Engine light came on, by the time I got to the dealer, it was gone... I wanted it documented so I got there quickly and had them scan it and...
  5. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Software update: Performed rapid response 08-071-22 Rev C Update PCM Software I asked them to do the oil and filter change, along with tire rotation... It is free/part of the deal. They supposedly changed the oil and rotated the tires... I doubt that they actually did this... I do not see...
  6. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Hopefully this solves the issue for mine…
  7. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Funny! That reminds me that I still need to tension the line...
  8. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Here we go...
  9. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Done… just need to tension the line…
  10. Overland catches fire for no reason

    Just what I needed to finish the install in mine... thank you!
  11. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Wires routed to the battery area. Nothing hooked up. All bolts and covers buttoned up… Just need to read a few threads on how folks wired these…
  12. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Almost there... modified the Locking/Unlocking handle. Installed the hoop. Secured the hitch with the bolts. Only thing left to do is to hook up the power. Need to route the cables and install disconnect switch. Oh... and then give it a good wash... it is dirty as heck... But hey, it...
  13. Update: Dealer told me today MFG may buy back gladiator.

    Reason why I sold my Chevy ZR2 Bison Diesel... started getting codes... it was the start of nightmares that I did not wanted to deal with. Reason also why I did not wanted to go with another diesel engine vehicle... as much as I like them, the modern units are just not reliable to give me the...
  14. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Well, I spoke too soon. Without the control box, bolts aligned perfectly... Once the control box was installed, I was off by about 3/16"... turns out that the front cut out is not completely straight and the corners would not allow the winch with the control box installed, to come forward...
  15. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Not able to finish today as the sky opened up and down came lightning and heavy rain... will finish tomorrow...
  16. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Is there a specific reason why the bumper needs to be removed?? I was modifying the exit for the wiring... so it comes on the side instead of the back, and tested the winch with everything in place... It went in without issues... Am I missing something?? I do know that I need to...
  17. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    That was the video I followed! Thank you for providing the link.
  18. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Remember that mine is a Mojave... if your is not, then the link to the struts is this one: https://a.co/d/8nrItis
  19. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Here you go: Shocks/struts: https://a.co/d/9wa4ofF Gas cap: https://a.co/d/bJhTP3N You assemble the pins to match you key. I will try to find the YouTube video that shows the steps.
  20. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Got it... will be installing in a few weeks... 25% discount and the 10% additional discount for getting their card... and payment sent so I do not forget... done!