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  1. am I doing something wrong in snow/ice Winter driving?

    This is the first significant snow/ice since getting the gladiator - it's all stock standard mojave, and this isn't about the tires, Falken Wildpeak ATs. I've driven these same roads no issue in similar conditions in previous vehicles. Sealed surface, fun and windy with sections unplowed...
  2. gladiator lease residual values?

    Looking at lease fine print details and they have 0.7 residual on MSRP... is that normal? Finance guy said they hold value, but that looks way optimistic.
  3. NoVA / DMV area windshield repair recommendations?

    Google tells me safelite obviously... Gorilla glass windshield (I don't know if it makes a difference for repairable or not) It's a smallish chip that's going to crack if it doesn't get repaired soon. If there's a not-safelite option that doesn't want to make it a milkable insurance claim...
  4. Winter weather prep

    New first time jeep owner and I'm wondering what if any jeep specific prep you recommend ahead of Winter weather... Usually (pre-jeep times) I changed to all season wheelset, new wiper blades and run premium fuel. Common sense goes a long way, but new car in colder than usual temps seems like a...