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  1. TeraFlex trackbar movement

    My Icon TB pops as well on the Axle side. I was told by them it was normal for a heim joint as well. Might be looking for a replacement.
  2. Where to buy this tailgate wrap?

    Were the letters already adhered to the black out panel or did have to do that separately?
  3. Pennsylvania AEV PROCAL SNAP

    Thanks for replying.
  4. RSE SS compat w/ Rocker Armor

    Bump, I would like to know this too. I don't like the RSE body armor with the cut outs. I asked them this weekend if they could make a set without the cut outs and I was soundly told they make "one style".
  5. TPS Just Stopped Reading

    Everything starting working 24hrs after I re-enabled with the tazer. So weird.
  6. TPS Just Stopped Reading

    I turned the TPMS off with the Tazer. It has been off for over a week, just been too busy/lazy to turn it back on. Well I did today and still getting the service TPMS warning message. I guess a trip to the stealership is in order.
  7. LOD Destroyer Slider Steps

    LOD makes excellent stuff. I had both bumpers and steps on a JKU. The rear bumper took two moderate hits from idiot drivers with only a scratch. I went RSE powersteps on the Gladiator but will be adding at least the rear LOD bumper soon. Looks great!
  8. Apex Chassis Shout Out

    After researching many different 2.5 ton steering upgrades, I decided to go with Apex's steel units. When ordering a few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out which SS collar to use for my Icon pass through. I sent an email and Chris reply quickly and ask me to call. I spoke to him on a...
  9. Which warranty would cover steering box tsb?

    You were right. While installing the parts found adjustable track bar was not adjusted correctly. Even with the aluminum box the Jeep drives fantastic.
  10. TPS Just Stopped Reading

    I had not used the Tazer recently but I did turn off the sensor today with the Tazer. I will turn it back on later to see if it changes anything.
  11. TPS Just Stopped Reading

    Do you think using the Tazer to turn off and off would make a difference?
  12. TPS Just Stopped Reading

    2020 OEM sensors transferred to new wheels back in July. No problems for 4 months and then all of a sudden yesterday no readings from any tire. Drove to work both days and still nothing. Any suggestions on cause and how to reset?
  13. Which warranty would cover steering box tsb?

    I was fixing to start a post with something similar on a 20 but only 14k miles. Purchased used totally stock and had an 2.5 Icon stage 4 lift installed which includes trackbar and icon pass through SS. Mickey Thompson Boss AT running 28psi (chalk test). I still have the aluminum steering box...
  14. Clayton 3.5 Kit & 37s... is this normal?

    Can you add the brackets to the longer control arms or is it best to go back to OEM with the brackets?