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  1. Bolt hood lock, worth it!

    I feel very secure with mine
  2. The pilot test for our T-slot bases was a success! Install your bed rack on the T-slot channel of your cover.

    I can see under it more than I can see over it. Enough to know there’s a vehicle there. that’s OK because there will be a rooftop tent that will block above once it’s installed.
  3. The pilot test for our T-slot bases was a success! Install your bed rack on the T-slot channel of your cover.

    That was the original plan. Went back before i headed home. Learned a few things the hard and expensive way.
  4. Locks that work with your Gladiator key.

    Bolt Lock and MOPAR Gas Cap
  5. Start//stop not working battery charging

    Mine went out at about the same time and now two years later it’s happening again. I travel weekly and the JT sets at the airport for three days. Took it to the dealership and they said the batteries were severely discharged (no s#!+) but they charged them and it worked. They blame it on the...
  6. Wachuko's Mojave Build Thread

    Guys, Looking at the Go Rhino XRS exactly like you both have, Also looking at the same thing in a Billie Bar setup and a Tuwa half rack that mounts to the T-slots. Question, How are the Go Rhino bars and mounts holding up off-road? I read in another post that the welds broke on one of the...
  7. Rok Blokz with Rockslide Engineering Step Sliders

    I have both on mine. I'm Running the Gen 2 Steps and the XL Flaps. Zero issues and they look great.
  8. Best Racks to work with the Roll N Lock

    Looking for a rack that mounts to the T-slots on my Roll n Lock. I have looked at the Kuat, Tuwa, Billie Bars, and Voodoo. I like the Voodoo VRS system because it distributes the weight across the top of the bedsides via the t-slots. Looking for some opinions.
  9. No bed power? No problem! $9.99 do it yourself.

    That Setup looks great! The link doesn't connect anymore. Like the inverter as well. Where is that outlet available at ?
  10. Rear Bed Slider... What is the sturdiest out there?

    I have Rock Slide Engineering guards to match my steps
  11. Running board or mud flaps (for sand protection)?

    I have both. Rok Blokz and Rockslide Power steps. Really like both. Little pricy. But worth it
  12. UConnect update download

    Thank you for that information. When I go online and put my Vin in Uconnect says I’m up-to-date. But I reset it earlier today so I must’ve taken it back to the old original software. And Uconnect must be looking at what they have on record. As a result, it’s not going to give me an update, but I...
  13. UConnect update download

    Car Play stopped working on all phones and all cords just after the Uconnect lady told me to delete the old app and use the new. I get the "Device Not Supported". The phones and cords work CarPlay on the car, but not the Gladiator. Worked on it for a few hours and decided to reset it and now I...
  14. Nitto Recon Grappler 37x11.5R17 on 2020 Mojave

    What is the width of that wheel. I tried to install 35x 11.50 my daughters wrangler that had fuel wheels with 10.5 width. Disable said to stretch out making it look like a tuner car so we went back to 12.5 I believe my black rhinos are 9.5 and would like to run that exact tire you’re running
  15. 2022 Blade Door Key!

    I have a Bolt a locking cap both keyed to my blade key and i use it as it is in the fob, no issues