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  1. Lightweight Winch & Recovery Gear Setup

    I had a Warn M8000 in a cradle like that on my YJ. I could run it front or rear or move it to the hitch of my pickup truck. It was a great setup because I didn't have to haul it around most of the time, such as commuting to and from work. I may actually look at going back to that kind of deal...
  2. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    I don't see the discount on the site. Do you know the code?
  3. Lightweight Winch & Recovery Gear Setup

    The shipping weight was like 48lbs, so I subtracted 2 for the packing. Mine is the previous gen. I think the Gen 3 weighs more but has better features. I think I read that it is in the 55 pound range. So unless you find a gen 1, mid 50's is about as good as you'll find. So your setup with...
  4. Lightweight Winch & Recovery Gear Setup

    55lbs is excellent. Most weigh more than that, plus, you got a Warn!
  5. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    I can hear my Dad's voice...."If it looks too good to be true...."
  6. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    Not trying to throw cold water on the deal, but a couple years ago there was a deal on a Smittybilt winch like this posted on the JL side of the forum. I think it was $99 or $149. It looked legit but turned out to be a scam. I gave it a go and wound up having to cancel a credit card over it...
  7. Lightweight Winch & Recovery Gear Setup

    I like your thinking on this, OP. I've got a Smitty XRC9500 and with synthetic rope it weighs only 46lbs. I stuck with the factory steel bumper and used a JCR winch plate. All in all, it kept the weight down. On top of that, pretty much everything I've done has been in the interest of light...
  8. Livernois Motorsports Tune claims 50HP gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator

    One of the downers of this is that E85 will simply wear your engine out faster. It strips oil from the cylinder walls. I won't run that stuff in any engine. It is just too hard on them.
  9. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    I think Rugged Ridge has 15% off their entire site, including their snorkel system, if it is a style you'd like. Mishimoto has a BF sale going on, too. I'm not sure it applies to their snorkel, but it is a more traditional style than Rugged Ridge's product.
  10. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    What percentage do you think they'll give. Just curious, not really shopping for their stuff. But every now and then the Artec aluminum skid plates yank at my heart.
  11. 100,000 mile Gladiator review

    Dang. I was hoping someone found a way to pull that up. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    They'd have to go with a Tremec manual, if they did, because it would have to hold up to tremendous power/torque numbers. It'd be a danged blast to drive! Especially if it was Tremec's 7 speed. Unless of course someone else makes one that would handle it. But I've driven the Tremec in...
  13. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    It'd be nice to have choices, but no way I'd choose the 4 over the 3.6. It is so much more refined. (I've driven the 4 several times and it sounds and feels, in terms of NVH, a 4.) Not to mention, I personally don't want anything to do with DI and a turbo. Also, the Aisin...
  14. 100,000 mile Gladiator review

    Is there a way to find that in the Uconnect or dash?
  15. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    He's been taken care of by the mods. They have to do that about every few months. He's got some kind of hots for me or something. If he saw how ugly I am, he'd probably run for the hills. But he just keeps coming back, Lol! That looks like it was a nice Taco! Shame it ended that way!
  16. 100,000 mile Gladiator review

    What's the price on that fridge? My brother has a new Gladiator that he's outfitting. He eventually wants one. That one looks great! I just don't have the space for one that large in my Jeep, so I've got a Snomaster 35L, which works great for me.
  17. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    This isn't a BF deal, but it is a very good price on an outstanding oil.... Pennzoil Ultra 0w20 5 Qt Jug
  18. 100,000 mile Gladiator review

    I'm looking forward to the 150k and 200k reports! My old JK 3.8 is inching up on 150k, but it ain't no Pentastar! It's been a good one, though. Took me 13 years to get there. I think you did 100k in what, 10 months? Wow!
  19. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    Do you have a Rubicon with a manual?
  20. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    6k lbs is more than I thought it could tow. That's quite a bit more than I thought. In that case, for sure I'd go manual with a Gladiator. I have nothing that even approaches that weight. That's nearly double what my JL is rated to tow, which I think is mainly due to the soft rear suspension.