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  1. Doorless Mirrors

    I also have the CMMs and really like them. It’s not at all annoying to look up, and they are out of the way when I get in and out of the Jeep. Since my Jeep is lifted I need the windowframe grip to get in and out. A mirror that would be mounted lower would probably just get the way. My only...
  2. Trip to the Daytona area

    While note super close, Ocala has some good trails.
  3. Anyone going to Jeep Beach Daytona?

    Went to the Florida Cracker Ranch (part of Jeep Beach) - it was blast.…
  4. Anyone going to Jeep Beach Daytona?

    We are also at Jeep Beach (but then again we live here ;-) Anyone doing Cracker Ranch?
  5. Door hinge pin lube

    I removed my doors yesterday. The door hinge pins seemed pretty dry and chalky. When I put the doors on again today, I am considering lubing the hinge pins. I am thinking about using some WD-40 white lithium grease. What do you recommend?
  6. White trash winch install

    I don’t like the “red eyes”. I’d drop them if they were on my install….
  7. WILLYS Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Yes - Terraflex Nomad wheels with 35 General Grabber X3s.
  8. 35” Tire Opinion

    Here is photo of the 35’s I have on my Jeep. I really like the looks and get a lot of compliments…others seem to like the looks too ;-)
  9. WILLYS Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Here are some photos of my Willys. It’s my first Jeep (my Dad had a Jeep Renegade CJ-7 in the 80‘s that left a lasting imprepassion on me.) I love the looks and the utility!
  10. When to get a first service done

    I bought a Gladiator in Sept (3.6 Pentastar). It currently only has about 1.800 miles. The dealer contacted me to advise I should get the first service/oil change done. This seems a bit early to me. I have 3 oil changes included in the first 2 years. What would you recommend in terms of when to...