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  1. Usless Worthless Mods and Accessories (WTF?!? Thread)

    Shut up and take my money! 🤣🤣🤣 nice touch of adding tactical to the name, really sells it lol
  2. Usless Worthless Mods and Accessories (WTF?!? Thread)

    That was my inspiration to share it here 😂
  3. Usless Worthless Mods and Accessories (WTF?!? Thread)

    I don't know if anyone has posted this yet. . .but holy cow. https://expeditionessentials.com/collections/camping-and-expedition/products/expedition-essentials-quick-paper-towel-holder-qpth?variant=43258719535353
  4. Drop in bedliners

    Shop around on the spray-in. Don’t just go to LineX or whoever. Call your local utility, find out who their garage uses to upfit their service trucks, etc. Ask (non-Jeep) dealerships who they use. My spray liner was $450 one year ago. I’ve hauled firewood, and all kinds of rough heavy stuff...
  5. Sport S Capability

    The best way I've been able to describe it is that the JT, in it's barest form, is already at 95/100. The Rubi/Mojave bump that up to like, 97/100. I don't know any grading scale that doesn't count a 95% as a solid A. The desire to not sustain damage will probably stop you before the lack of...
  6. Hella Valuefit 500 LEDs

    Right?? I used to have an XJ with lights on the roof, bumper, all over, and the wiring WAS the job. Now Jeep just gives you a pigtail and all you do is connect. Worth every penny
  7. Hella Valuefit 500 LEDs

    I'll have to check those out! I have a pair of harbor freight halogen fogs on my camaro actually haha.
  8. Hella Valuefit 500 LEDs

    Nice! I have the factory aux switches so I just put the mains on a big switch and the position lights on a small switch.
  9. So I need lights. But I'm not spending 2-3k for a setup that'll get run maybe once a month.

    Gonna toss these in the ring: Hella value for 500 LEDs. Come in driving or spot beam(mine are driving), can put amber covers on when needed, reasonably priced, well made. I’ve been a Hella fan for a while so I’m a bit biased, but worth a look. Plus they have a cool built in accent/position light.
  10. Hella Valuefit 500 LEDs

    Just got these on, thought I’d post about them. Very well made, solid aluminum bodies. They come with solid black covers but I dig the amber so that’s what I put on there. Not street legal(obviously) but you can turn on the accent/position lighting without attracting unwanted attention. I...
  11. Transfer Case Skid bolt spinning

    Try to fish a rope loop, or thick wire, or something up in there so you can hold it still. I've also had luck before driving a small screwdriver through the opening with the bolt enough that it caught the jam nut.
  12. First Post and New Gladiator Willys

    Hm, super interesting! Very small though, makes me wonder if it’s intentional or a casting variance. Assuming they cast them the same way that iron pipe is cast. Thats a rabbit hole that we probably won’t find answers to though.
  13. First Post and New Gladiator Willys

    Interesting! Good to know. I'd be interested to see if the difference continued through future years, since they consolidated alot of other parts that were previously different between models (like the fuse array, etc.)
  14. First Post and New Gladiator Willys

    Gonna need to see the notes on this one, because noone has proven that so far so if you did then you'll want to scream it from the rooftops lol. Also, nice Willys!
  15. Rough Country Lift Kit?... Do or Don't??

    I ran a Rough Country 3" lift on an XJ for years, they're fine. Even more so since you're just going for the look, I wouldn't spend more than necessary.
  16. Wow!! Anyone need 5W-30? **EXPIRED**

    Maybe you'll get lucky, the rest of us are just saying to be prepared to not get six 5-qt jugs. Noone is denying that the listing, receipts, part numbers, and all that clearly state that it should be six 5-qt jugs.
  17. Wow!! Anyone need 5W-30? **EXPIRED**

    Follow-up to the follow up- when you get your 6 1-qt bottles, Walmart will let you return them.
  18. Wow!! Anyone need 5W-30? **EXPIRED**

    Speaking from experience. Don’t know what else to say. Pointed out that the listing said jugs, customer service said the listing was wrong.
  19. Wow!! Anyone need 5W-30? **EXPIRED**

    FYI, it’s a blip in the system. If you order and choose an in store pickup you’ll be given 6 quart bottles. Not 6 5-qt jugs.
  20. Tire size

    285/75R17 is the biggest you can go and not rub.