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  1. The Midsized Truck Challenges

    As always, the Mojave 4H rear locker was not revealed to the test team! Maybe if it was not hidden in the ESC Full Off it would be better known…
  2. 10th Anniversary Bumper

    I did as you did… Then I bolted it down just to try… And I never removed it… If you plan a try-on, I would suggest to use a bit of rust-proofing oil just in case it’s going to be there forever!
  3. -- 2020+ Gladiator Picture Game --

    In front of a playground that will be more popular this summer!!! As for the next challenge, I will reuse the White Castle idea but I will add the McDonald / McCafe option for the rest of us!!!
  4. Driving, making turns with the 4H active, odd behavior

    There’s the 4WD "binding" and the U-Joint binding. The U-joint binding is a bump you can feel at each rotation of the wheel [especially with sharp turn]. It’s not present in the more recent 4H-Auto model that is using CV-joint instead of U-Joint. In this case you just have the 4WD "resistive...
  5. Plastic clip found on floor?

    Are you saying you don’t have seat rails end cap on your Gladiator?
  6. Plastic clip found on floor?

    It looks like the end cap of the seat rail:
  7. "Jeeps are the most overrated and terrible cars there are"

    I think it will be the same if the Jeep Recon hits the market. It will not be a real Jeep experience at all… A Bronco Mall Crawler with independent front suspension and fatty-shaped unibody…
  8. "Jeeps are the most overrated and terrible cars there are"

    …and it’s not a drama if you scratch a fender!
  9. "Jeeps are the most overrated and terrible cars there are"

    It's exactly what I was thinking! A legend is a legend... You love it or you hate it! It's throwing me back in time: 10-speed bike or BMX?
  10. "Jeeps are the most overrated and terrible cars there are"

    I didn't see you message signature at first, but it's so appropriate!!!
  11. Ordering new 2024 Mojave Steel Bumper with orange tow hooks

    You’re right but it’s an enriching experience! As others said, @AllMoparParts.com is a good contact on this forum. And I will point you to another thread where we discussed about swapping the springs on the Mojave when upgrading to the steel bumper…...
  12. Trim Restore RUINED Taillight Housing?

    My concern is that it’s probably not the same type of plastic as the ABS/TP/7 mix used on many Jeep parts… I also think maybe Rugged Ridge could be able to give you a hint on this…
  13. -- 2020+ Gladiator Picture Game --

    If you don’t have a contact on site, maybe there’s some alternative: - a police station that can be seen on the Jeep head unit screen with your rear camera! - or a paramedic office / ambulance station…
  14. Fuel door concern

    And with a handle, it could be worst!
  15. Fuel door concern

    Anyone heard of this product before? https://www.furyengraver.com/products/aluminum-tank-cover-for-jeep-gladiator-jt-black-gas-cover
  16. Fuel door concern

    With a good locking gas cap, wouldn’t be cool and hardcore to Remove completely the fuel door and have an aftermarket gas port liner covering the opening to get something like the previous wrangler generation? (Quick stamp cloning below)
  17. Fuel door concern

    In the same family of words, I think my Jeep Gladiator is “ablutophobiac”!!! ;)
  18. Fuel door concern

    I understand. I have to wrestle with mine to wash it once in a while… It’s not an "ablutomaniac" creature at all!!!
  19. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    ;) Almost the same, last summer too!