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  1. Why are the stock wheels so bad?

    I like my Overland Wheels. They suite the trim level. Its the tires that they came with I'm not too happy about but can live with.
  2. Why did you buy your Gladiator?

    I've always owned RAMS and Wrangler at the same time. When the lease was up on the RAM I went for the Gladiator as a replacement. I loved the RAM but it's more truck than I need now. Plus, I want a convertible truck.
  3. Soft top shows toughness from downed tree

    Thanks for the post. Tougher than I expected. I'm glad you didn't have to replace it.
  4. Mopar Releases New Doors-off Mirror Kit for Jeep Gladiator

    You are right! That would have made a lot of sense.
  5. Mopar Releases New Doors-off Mirror Kit for Jeep Gladiator

    Mopar Announces New Doors-off Mirror Kit for Jeep® Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator October 30, 2020 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Mopar is introducing a new, factory-backed, doors-off mirror kit for Jeep® owners looking to safely enjoy the ultimate open-air driving experience in their Jeep Wrangler or...
  6. Anybody use this hole?

    I used those holes for the mounting plates for my extang bed cover. As well as for..........other things.......LOL!
  7. Advice On Driving In Snow

    Has anyone here driven around the snow with the stock Dueller H/T tires of the Overland model? That's what I have. Good or bad?
  8. Bridgestone Dueller H/T in the snow

    Hello My Overland JT came standard with Bridgestone Dueller H/Ts. I asked the dealer to swap out the rims and tires for the more aggressive ones from another Overland, but they only ordered the HT's for all of the Overlands on the lot. So, this is my first winter season with them and I wanted...
  9. Spent a day looking

    A small part of me regrets not taking a hard look at the Sport model with Max Tow Package. I do like my Overland because of all of the extra's, but do I really need them, would have I missed them if I didn't pick every option? Anyways, read as much as you can on this board to help you make an...
  10. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    I love my Soft top, but not the way it looks when folded open. Why can't it be in tracks like the Wrangler?
  11. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    I think a lot of people will agree with you about the 4xe. I myself am looking forward to it because of where I live. I also wouldn't buy it right away because Jeep had a very hard time selling the 2.0L eTorques and they had massive discounts on those vehicles and I think they will have that...
  12. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    File this under the rumour mill but I was told by someone "in the know", that claims Jeep has 60 Jeep Wranglers with the 6.4L Hemi (392) on the road for "real world" testing for a potential 2022. The person I spoke with is an avid jeep collector and obvious die hard fan who has insights into...
  13. Hummer EV

    Yeah, I agree. I read that the new Jeep 4xe will have 20 inch rims on the Sport and Sahara and I thought it was a bad idea. 17 would have been better. More rubber is better.
  14. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    The contrast of the dark body to tan interior looks great! I didn’t expect it would work that well until I saw your photo. Nice!
  15. In a pickle! What do I do?? Need some advice...

    I traded my 2019 Ram for a JT. The reality is that the RAM is a dramatically smoother ride and far more comfortable. driving at highway speeds. However, I went to the JT because I've always had Wranglers and knew what I was getting into. The main reason I switched to the JT was to have a...
  16. Finally got my new shoes.

    Nice!!! I mean extremely awesome! Enjoy!
  17. I finally figured out what's bugging me about the looks of the soft top...

    I removed the hard top enough times this season to know it would be just easier to buy the soft top which I found easily and cheaply on Kijiji. If I got caught in the rain, which can happen, with the hard top off then I would be screwed. With the soft top its a quick ten seconds. I'm glad I...
  18. I finally figured out what's bugging me about the looks of the soft top...

    Does it look weird? Yes Is it easier to open up the soft top then removing the hard top each time? Yes, 10 Seconds vs Ten minutes. and Yes, watch out for clearance at a garage.
  19. Canadian Pricing - What Did You Pay?

    If you are in Ontario or close to the GTA you could get a 2020 for about $5,000 of MSRP. 2021, probably around $2200. I have a 2020 and got it for about $5000 off the price. But I always lease so that they can play with residual value.
  20. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    In Canada it’s around $10,000 if you want the Overland and Rubicon fully loaded. I keep forgetting about the difference in price between U.S. and Canada.