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  1. Front end noise when in 4X4

    OP, you have a pic of the front axle pinion to driveshaft relationship? It may be as simple as too much positive caster.
  2. Regear/Axle Advice

    If you don't have JSCAN or a Tazer already, get it now. You'll need it immediately after the regear. If you've had the clutch recall done, I'd program it in the parking lot as soon as it rolls off the lift.
  3. Regear/Axle Advice

    Actually, the place I used let me order my own parts, he had recommendations for what kits to buy but didn't care what else I brought. Place is called Axles Transmissions and Transfers on N Lewis in Tulsa. Labor was somewhere around $1000 Fair warning he's a crusty old dude and the shop is...
  4. Regear/Axle Advice

    If you don't plan to ever run over 70, 5.13s are awesome. Offroad in 4L 1st gear, I rarely have to hit the gas to climb onto big rocks either. 4H 1st gear is SHORT, shift into 2nd in the intersection short. Downshifting on the highway is a pretty rare thing now too, so you can actually use...
  5. Regear/Axle Advice

    2021 6spd.. same tire as you with 5.13s. Around town and on low speed highways (55-70mph) it's perfect. But at 80+ I keep looking for 7th. the 4.88s would lower 80mph rpms by about 130 (2580 for 4.88s and 2713 for 5.13s)
  6. Regear/Axle Advice

    Pretty good deal.. I got mine installed for about $1800 all in, but in a way cheaper part of the world. If I had to do it again, I might have done 4.88s. The 5.13s came available first, though and I jumped since the world was shut down for covid.
  7. Rough Country Lift Kit?... Do or Don't??

    So an inch more to the inside and an inch bigger front and back. How close to rubbing are the current tires and where? Rear of the fender at full lock and the front bumper? I bet a 1.5" lift and some minor trimming gets you close.
  8. Rough Country Lift Kit?... Do or Don't??

    What tire size are you currently running? Try reading through this thread. I think he was running a stock XR Wrangler, but was running some 20x12 and wide tires too. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/does-anybody-ever-go-down-in-tire-diameter.109130/ If you are happy with the...
  9. Drag Link at 22k?

    Pitman arm? Do they mean the drag link where it attaches to the pitman arm?
  10. Rough Country Lift Kit?... Do or Don't??

    What size and offset are the wheels and tires in your profile pic vs the new ones? If you are only going from the 33s you have now to 35's on the same wheel, it doesn't look like you need much if any additional lift. Where are you close to rubbing now? Rear edge of the front fender and the...
  11. No battery issue!

    Same exact scenario for me. Started getting the AUX switches not available about 2 weeks ago. I was seeing running voltages as high as 14.7V. Bypassed the aux battery and rolled the dice. Main seems to still be good. It can start after 3 days of sitting and no more charging messages, voltage...
  12. Stuck knuckle

    How heavy is your dead blow? Mini sledge works better for me, I think the "ring" is what unseats the tapers.
  13. 23 Mojave manual to 23 Willys diesel swap. Level of crazy: 1-10?

    If you're already contemplating losing a ton of value on a trade, toss another $1200 at the Mojave and put an ACT in it.
  14. Advice requested re regear for 315’s

    buy the extension cable (sounds like you are going to be using JSCAN) to adjust tire size. 4.88s on 37s is within 50RPM of 4.56s on 35s

    Can we get them in non-knurled yet?
  16. tire options, comparisons

    Did your Gladiator have the KM2s or the Firestones? The Toyo's are good tires and the last set I had (Open Country AT2) I got tired of waiting for them to wear out and replaced them at 65000 miles. Terra Grapplers only look like all terrain tires, they don't perform very well off road. Baja...
  17. Sport S NON Max Tow - 35's on stock wheels

    Willys, so yeah, narrow axles.
  18. Sport S NON Max Tow - 35's on stock wheels

    I run 37's on the stock wheels with a 1.75" spacer. The 37's definitely rub on the LCAs without the spacers, never tried it with 35's though.
  19. OEM Rear Fender Help -- Where to Buy?

    Most of the time the only thing that breaks are the mounting clips. They are cheap to buy on amazon.
  20. OEM Rear Fender Help -- Where to Buy?

    Mojave and Rubicon are the same. You can check somewhere like car-part.com you should be able to find one if you're patient. How bad is the old one?