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  1. Front Turn Signal Wiring Questions

    This is off the top of my head (As opposed to checking my notes; 20 miles away) you don't need to do anything with the fault sensor wire, the Tazer takes it out of the equation. If you don't want to butcher your factory harness, my notes also contain the info on where to buy the factory Molex...
  2. Front Turn Signal Wiring Questions

    I think it's page 8 of the User's Guide; Set LED Front Turn: This setting is to configure the vehicle for LED front turn signals. If using aftermarket LED turns on a factory LED Jeep, switch this setting to NO then back to YES, this will clear the bulb out and hyperflash. After configuration...
  3. We are trying to make the most user-friendly JT tube door…(EP.01 Exceed Fabrication)

    You hit the nail on the head several times in your monologue. If your product is good and your price is reasonable, I will buy a set of doors from you. I really appreciate your honesty about the whole "made in USA/China debate". Your honesty about not trying to pass yourself off as something...
  4. What's this green light?

    What is that cylindrical device connected to your brake pedal? Just curious.
  5. The 392 Single Cab Gladiator sells for $65,000 at Barrett-Jackson

    I think it is stunning! Would I buy one? I already have three two door Jeep pickups. Full disclosure, this one is not mine, but you get the picture.
  6. Front Turn Signal Wiring Questions

    I hate to admit defeat but I finally realized that I solved this problem by installing a Tazer JL Mini. What's even worse is that my degree is in Computer Electronics Engineering. How embarrassing is that!
  7. Front Turn Signal Wiring Questions

    I will then add onto my .txt notes with the correct fix action before I send them to you. Because I got no answer to my query in 3 years I assumed no one else had this problem. Forums really do work!
  8. Front Turn Signal Wiring Questions

    I found my notes on my Farm computer today, they consist of a couple of pdf's and a couple of jpg's and the actual written notes are in Notepad format (txt). How do I send all of that to you? E-mail? I read through them and 99% is just about researching the original Jeep connectors so I would...
  9. Front Turn Signal Wiring Questions

    I did fix this! But it was almost 3 years ago. It will take me a few days to find my old notes on how I did it. I apologize but I am seriously disorganized. At least I remember taking notes just in case somebody else needed help. Be patient.
  10. Il take any advice on taking this lug nut out!

    Air die grinder with a carbide bit to remove the nut. Then a BFH to remove the lug.

    Another observation about insurance; You are participating in Government mandated gambling. Insurance is mandated in all 50 states by the government in order to be allowed on government owned roads. Same as a driver's licence. No insurance? You are now an uninsured motorist AKA a criminal. No...

    Funny story about GEICO and USAA. As I'm an old fart, here are two old fart insurance stories. Most people don't know that GEICO is an acronym. It stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. Back 'in the day' you had to be a US Government employee to purchase a policy. They were cheap...

    Well, there's your problem, you young whippersnapper!
  14. Calculate towing capacity?

    That is a good looking camper and a very nice tow setup!
  15. $150 for a map update??

    I use Rand McNally. They do annual updates (which appear to be accurate) and they only cost around $20 for each update.
  16. 840hp Supercharged V8 Demon Gladiator Build

    I guess not, because I don't know what an oil filter bypass cooler is. Whatever it is, I'm sure it was added because of the insane oil temps. My supercharger reservoir is only about a pint, I intend to add another supercharger cooler in the bed similar but larger than the oil setup. At that time...
  17. JT Schematics ?

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, A thousand times Thank You, I have been asking for months if anyone had this information and you are the first person to share it with the forum. Because of my workshops remote location, even purchasing this from Mopar was not an option...
  18. Remote oil filter

    Just put a 5 gallon bucket in the bed --- Presto Change-O !