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  1. Clayton 1.5 inch Right Ride or Overland? Is it essential to opt for the Overland package, including the 8 control arms?

    Sorry for the late bump but is this the 1.5 Ride Right? What size tires did you go with?
  2. Connecticut For Sale: 2020 Rubi Take-Offs

    FYI those are not Rubicon takeoffs, they're actually Mojave takeoffs.
  3. Used Rubicon diesel with 60k miles

    Pimps can definitely be an issue 😂
  4. '20 Gladiator Rubicon - AEV Brute wannabe

    Looking great! Did you ever get the winch in there?
  5. Dual Door Group w/ Premium Uppers with Soft Top?

    It may just be an error on the site, it happens all the time. When the order guide disagrees with the website, defer to the order guide as it's the correct document and what the dealer order system goes by. BTW, the premium uppers definitely work with the soft top, that's how I run mine all summer.
  6. Bikini Half Doors (Wrangler builder)

    For some reason they love to do this, not offering the half doors with certain colors, or other nonsense. I will say the website is often wrong, so I'd look up the actual order guide if you're interested in them. As for the dual top and half doors together, you can't order that, On the...
  7. What is "AEV Upcountry Plus Upfit Logistics"?

    It's a prep package for any of them that are being ordered with the Level II package. It's basically just that they are marked and shipped to AEV for the Level II install, hence why it's a $0 item.
  8. Aux switches temporarily unavailable, battery charging- even after aux battery replaced.

    Personally I wouldn’t do that. A bad or failing aux battery can kill your new main battery as well, and then you end up right back in this same boat. It’s really best to replace them both at the same time.
  9. New Jersey Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop

    Where in NJ are you located?
  10. Door lock button not working

    The door harness is not labor intensive at all. It’s a couple hours tops to replace one. Lots of folks on here have done it in their driveway to upgrade to proximity locks. Telling you that was $3000 worth of work was a flat out lie by the dealer.
  11. Door lock button not working

    There’s no way it would cost $3000 to replace a $100 door harness that can be done in a couple hours. The dealership have you bad info or flat out lied to you.
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I didn’t notice any kind of pressure issues so far in my garage test. It has a check valve so that should I keep the fluid from draining out between uses and make building pressure not a challenge at all. Here’s a link to the kit. https://clearvucam.com/store/p/gladiator
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Installed my ClearVU backup camera cleaner/washer today. I deviated from their instructions and tied it into my front camera washer system instead of the windshield wipers. That way I don’t have to spray the windshield to clean it, and one “Clean Camera” button does them both. Looking forward to...
  14. Will this fit on this?

    They can be found on the forums and Facebook marketplace. The JL one is the exact same and will fit as well.
  15. Will this fit on this?

    You need the steel bumper, unfortunately it doesn't fit the plastic one. I have the Mopar version of that hoop and love it. I too like a more minimalistic setup.
  16. Aux switches backlit when the headlights are on?

    Both of these are incorrect. The Aux switches are indeed backlit at night. If they are not backlit, then either something went wrong when the flash to activate them, or there’s a wiring/connector issue. Take it back and make them fix it.
  17. 37s No regear question

    ^^^^ this x1000 I had a very extensive conversation with @Kajo after seeing a couple of his posts about 37's and 4.10, mainly based on the fact that we live close to each other and have travelled the same roads, so it was a good comparison. Based on those chats, I pulled the trigger last fall...