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  1. How to determine if batteries are about needing replacement?

    So your batteries are 12 volt. They need that extra charge up to 14 volts to make sure your battery is charging. Anything bellow 11 volts and your gonna have issues or a battery that doesn’t work.
  2. New Rubicon Tonight and Question

    Of the hilt here… but are you following the break in schedule?
  3. Nevada Falcon 3.3 Shocks New

    Just double checking…. These are for a JLU not the JT??? Also there is part numbers on the shocks themselves… can we get a picture of one of those rear part numbers?
  4. Fairlead Mounting Bracket question

    So yeah… that beauty panel is there to help cover up the holes of the front bumper when you take out the plastic cover for the winch lead opening. It’s up to you if you want to use the beauty bracket that warn gives you with the license holder. You can pickup a different beauty bracket like you...
  5. Colorado Dirty life DT-1 wheels $1100 obo

    I’m home bump… still available
  6. Rubicon Trail Brief Review and Battle Scar Reports

    Family is good… maybe… depends on work for me
  7. New Market for Gladiator Take-offs

    The guy that bought my “upgraded” rubicon wheels was a xj guy that was upgrading his ride to our bolt pattern.
  8. Like the stock fob ain't big enough...

    Honestly… you should the the smallest one you can get from threedom. The big fob imo is way too big. I have the ajt too and I’m thinking of going smaller myself
  9. Mojave from F150?

    I had a ‘12 f150 eco boost that left me stranded several times on the road. Ugh but that’s when I found my jeeps. I’ve had a 2 different JKU’s and now a JT. I also owned a ‘20 ram before my JT. I love the room of the full size but hate everything else. My JT gets me the off-road fun but still...
  10. Rubicon Trail Brief Review and Battle Scar Reports

    Dude! Seriously…. Ugh….. and … The rubicon is definitely in my bucket list for sure. I’m back home this week if you want to hit a trail or so this coming weekend… let me no
  11. Hard Top removal

    Well they do call it a “hard” top… :giggle:
  12. Does anyone have experience with these sliders?

    Looks like a new product. The only thing I can see that I don’t like… is that they mount to the underside of the frame. If you want aftermarket skid plates. The brackets/bolts will interfere with them. But hey if you like ‘em, you like em
  13. Jeep Gladiator

    Your jeep enjoy
  14. Oil Changes

    Wait… we pull the old one out 1st :bandit:
  15. Like the stock fob ain't big enough...

    Why sir…. There’s two bulges in your pants! :giggle::movember::facepalm:
  16. Bumper Analysis Paralysis! HELP!

    I’m a big fan of metalcloak. Their bumpers are a frame built system. Just smother option https://metalcloak.com/jeep-jt-gladiator-parts-accessories.html
  17. 2020 Rubicon Diff question

    Personally I did the metalcloak front and rear diff covers. You do have to clean them up really good and paint them or get them powdercoated. the front comes with a diff skid. https://metalcloak.com/jl-wrangler-jt-gladiator-front-differential-cover-skid-plate-rubicon-edition.html the rear you...
  18. Hauk Full Skid Plate Install and review

    And after reading this quite detailed thread… I’ll stick with my steel metalcloak skid plate system… which is the only company that protects the vulnerable evap canister at this time. Sure they don’t come painted but they definitely heavy duty and not so hard to throw in. Plus their customer...