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  1. Horizontal mounting bar above dash

    I am searching for a horizontal bar that mounts just above the dash. I don't know the correct name for it, if I did perhaps my searches would be going better. Can anybody help me locate any of these bars? I am not talking about an internal roll cage, just the bar that some people mount their...
  2. Front Turn Signal Wiring Questions

    I have removed my front fenders/turn signals/DRL/Park lamps and I'm trying to hook up aftermarket LED turn signals to a JT Rubicon with a 'Premium' package. I've ordered the original Molex connectors in order to just plug my new turn signals into the original wiring harness. I found the two...
  3. JT Schematics ?

    Does anyone have JT Schematics in pdf (or any other format)? I found the JL Schematics on another forum and whereas the JT is similar it is not identical.