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  1. Jeep Concept Teased Ahead of SEMA360 Reveal

    I've been thinking about getting the PCOR tray for when I get a gladiator. I plan on using the removable hinged sides when I need a deeper bed.
  2. Affordable Lift For Constant Heavy Load Overland Rigs?

    Have you thought about air bags or something like Timbren(or something similar) bump stops?
  3. What to buy Mojave or Rubicon?

    One other thing to keep in mind about the Mojave is the possible 1" of ride height above the Rubicon. If that turns out to be accurate, then theoretically, all you would need is 1" spacer lift to be able to clear 37s without any issue. Although not the best, they are cheap and would allow you...
  4. What to buy Mojave or Rubicon?

    Probably, but, with the exception of hd/superduty, you are going to have that issue with just about any overland rig you want to build. You will need either stiffer springs or airbags to even out your load.
  5. What to buy Mojave or Rubicon?

    Honestly OP, get whichever one you want the most. This will make me pretty unpopular, unless you are trying to climb vertical faces that are several feet high lockers are not a requirement. Lockers just make things easier. People have been off-roading for century without any lockers at all.
  6. 2020 Jeep Gladiator High Altitude Edition [Updated With Live Look at Snazzberry From Chicago]

    I like the interior, not sure how I feel about everything paint matched. One thing about the 20" wheels. A 20" wheel with a 37" tire would have similar road/towing manners as a 17" wheel with a 33" tire.
  7. Jeep Gladiator Mojave Edition! [Updated With Live Pics and Chassis/Suspension Breakdown]

    I should have probably said higher payload instead of tow. (I'm one of those weirdos that think max tow in mid-size should be around 5k max). They would have to offer a higher GVWR option, but other manufacturers do it, so it shouldn't be that hard.
  8. Jeep Gladiator Mojave Edition! [Updated With Live Pics and Chassis/Suspension Breakdown]

    I like it a lot. I just wish they would have went with Selectrac like in the Sahara. Also, I hope it comes with the steel bumper group option, and max tow. Gladiator needs another package that has max tow, and from what I've read so far on the Mojave all Jeep would have to do is throw on...

    I'm a Ford guy, but I like the AT4 package, and that 3l looks pretty nice.
  10. "Sport S,ing" a Rubicon . . . ? and Towing Thoughts

    I'm sure this has been said, so sorry for that, just felt felt it needed to be said/again. You can strip it down, reinforce the frame, swap the axles, add new suspension/airbags, swap a big cummins and transmission, throw a 150 gal aux fuel tank in the bed, add a goose neck hitch, and have the...
  11. Does anyone know of a long range fuel tank?

    Titan makes an auxiliary 30 gal fuel tank that fits where the spare tire goes. I'm not sure if they make one specifically for the JT yet, but with that spot being able to fit a 35" tire I don't think it would be very difficult to retrofit one. That's one of the routes I've been considering
  12. Request for photo of door sticker

    Awesome, thanks. The Rubicon didn't take as big of a payload hit as I thought it would.
  13. Request for photo of door sticker

    I'm mainly interested in actual payload numbers, but any info would be great.
  14. Any Thoughts On The Rivian R1T Truck

    An update on Rivian is Ford is investing $500 million into this company. Rivian will remain autonomous. Ford will help the money and "industrial expertise and resources." Ford will get access to Rivian's skateboard platform. This company has had around $1.2 billion invested into it so they...
  15. Request for photo of door sticker

    For all the awesome people who either already have their Gladiators or those with dealerships that have them, would y'all mind posting the info on the door sticker, especially the payload. I'd appreciate it greatly.
  16. My white Gladiator Rubicon delivered!

    Would it be possible for you to let us know what the payload number is on your door sticker?
  17. What Airstream trailer is being pulled in all the promo shots?

    Nice catch on the windows. This is the one from the article I read that mentioned the 5500lbs. It isn't the same model as FCA's promo pic, but this was the set up used for journalists to test the towing.
  18. What Airstream trailer is being pulled in all the promo shots?

    It could be a 23' with full tanks and extra weight inside. I was basing my assumption on an article that stated the weight was 5500lbs. The international's dry weight is 5503, and I didn't figure they would mess with weighing down a 23' when they can just hook up to a 25' dry.
  19. What Airstream trailer is being pulled in all the promo shots?

    It is more than likely either a International or Flying Cloud 25fb model. I was curious about this too and saw an article stating a trailer weight of #5500 and that is the dry weight for those AS models. I was more concerned with the squat, but AS have a crap ton of tongue weight. 25' models...