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  1. Lift: get it done at dealer or off road shop

    Might consider joining a local 4WD club. My experience is that the members are usually very supportive in teaching/helping a newb learn how do do relatively easy things such as lifts themselves. If you're looking to do many mods down the road you can save a boatload of $$ by doing the work...
  2. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys Debuts With Unique Content and Increased Capability

    Uhhh, no. At least according to the build sheet I looked at, manual transmission is standard...
  3. Rust at 240 miles?

    Just curious about your statement about vehicles not rusting in FL. Not doubting, just curious as when I worked down on the Space Coast years ago it was a never ending battle with rust and corrosion. Something about the salt air and humidity. Maybe modern vehicle coatings keep it at bay?
  4. Line X a few ideas

    I like the look. I have line-x on my LJ inside the tub, tough keeping it looking good as the dust gets down in the crevices.
  5. Running 40's with a 37" Spare

    If you put the spare on on axle that isn't locked you'll be fine. Not sure on a limited slip rear axle but to be safe you could always put the spare on the front.
  6. Problem - installed the MOPAR Class IV receiver hitch on my Rubicon

    Would you care to share what the easy fix was for the sensors?
  7. What other color do you wish the Gladiator came in?

    The 2021 colors are for the most part DRAB. What happened to the fun bright colors? No wonder the country is depressed!
  8. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    This is true to a point, depending on how you plan on wheeling it down the road. In 06, I purchased a 06 Wrangler X based on an opinion just like you stated. After having it awhile I got bit by the off-roading bug and started to look at upgrades. What I found is the stuff on the Rubicon (D44...