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  1. Advice On Driving In Snow

    We received our first snow storm in Lake Tahoe and it was significant! As such, I was able to see just how well our Mojave would perform. First off, our driveway is very steep and I had to back out, turn her around and down we went in 8" of fresh powder. No problem with that and we were off...
  2. Gladiator and Defrost

    Just checked the defroster vent distribution. It ONLY blows in the middle and by putting my hand over the middle it redirects to the sides. I ordered the 5/8" plugs from Amazon to promote event defrosting. However, there is clearly a design flaw as they must have recognized the need to...
  3. Advice On Driving In Snow

    I just checked and sadly, no 4A which is not a surprise as ours is a 2020. That said, we will be shifting to 4H when needed.
  4. Advice On Driving In Snow

    I looked at my App to see if Selec-Trac is listed as a feature on our JT. I found the following item listed "Traction Control". If I do have it, where and how is located on the instrument cluster?
  5. Advice On Driving In Snow

    Our Mojave is our first introduction to the Jeep experience. So far, we couldn't be happier with the vehicle not to mention being welcomed by virtually every Jeep owners smile and wave. We have owned exclusively Range Rovers and still do, as we live in the Lake Tahoe area that gets plenty of...
  6. 2020 Gladiator Demon Sells On Barrett Jackson $185,000

    Like the title says!
  7. CarPlay compatability issue with Uconnect app update?

    Nothing more frustrating than a gremlin! I have a Jaguar and a Range Rover, both of which have Apple CarPlay. It is a constant battle getting them to perform. As such, when I read your thread I was thinking "please, not another vehicle with an infotainment issue!" Good to hear it's solved...
  8. So how many Mojave owners have had steering issues or the box replaced?

    Interesting timing on this thread. I have had a gear box replacement appointment with the selling dealer for over a month. They called me today and stated that they are having trouble getting my replacement steering box. They went on to say that they can only place a GB order every 14 days...
  9. Edmonds best midsize truck ranking

    After much research we were going to buy a Ridgeline based on its reviews. The decision to purchase a truck was solely based on a specific need to transport stuff for the horse. When we went to the Honda dealership we stopped in at the Jeep dealership before returning home. Now we have a...
  10. Your truck is Ugly!?

    With all do modesty, when it comes to cars I am extremely selective. I currently have a 2021 Jaguar F Type R, as well as a 2018 Range Rover. When we were deciding on selecting a "pick-up" truck I was upset with the boring look-alike choices. Then, I discovered the Gladiator and I couldn't be...
  11. Has anyone bought a gladiator lately, in stock off the lot?

    Purchased our Mojave 3 weeks ago. The sticker was $59470 sales price was $55,196. This represents a 7.2% off sticker and I cannot remember how much as it relates to invoice. However, I traded in a car that they were rather generous on so, it was an all-around good deal.
  12. California Mojave Rock Rails

    Two weeks old take-off Rock Rails with OE fasteners Located in Granite Bay CA
  13. Horn Chirp During Keyless Locking

    Problem solved! Thanks...
  14. Horn Chirp During Keyless Locking

    Our Mojave has the keyless (grab the handle) lock/unlock feature. That's the good part, the rather annoying part is the horn chirps when you press the button to lock the vehicle. I looked through the "war and peace" owners manual after wrestling it out of its pouch for directions to disable...
  15. Hard Top Wind Noise

    Well, my inaugural thread is followed by this embarrassing update. However, in my defense, the Mojave was purchased for my wife who uses it to move items for her horse at the stable. I therefore have ridden in it just a few times. When she came home today I inspected the JT and pulled the...
  16. Hard Top Wind Noise

    Thanks for the replies. Is there a headliner made for the Gladiator and are the sound strips simply insulation around the edges of the hard top?
  17. Hard Top Wind Noise

    I'm new to the Forum and my compliments on the content expertise. We purchased a Mojave a few days ago and all around we are very impressed. If not for the Forum, I wouldn't have known about the steering gear box of which is now on order. We have historically owned Range Rovers however, we...