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  1. P0300

    You throttle is oscillates in the driveway. If you take the air intake pipe and have someone press on the throttle, you will see it does nothing like you intend it to. You may even see it osscilate. I have about 75 traces of it happening.
  2. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Log throttle voltage with this. It will prove to be interesting.
  3. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow

    I did not have to do any programming for the headlights but changing to led markers and turns, I had to.
  4. P0300

    Cruise control can definitely trigger a multiple misfire code. The culprit in my opinion is the throttle body air flow model. At high loads under light throttle the control oscillates quite a bit. Cruise lives in this space and on top of that it is another control. From the data I have gathered...
  5. Fitting 4 Wheeler in the Bed?

    It was excellent on and off road. Was like it was not even there. I cross strapped it with ratchet straps underneath using the D rings in the bed. I do 70-75, no issue what so ever. Does not even squat that much.
  6. Fitting 4 Wheeler in the Bed?

    225 miles the last 3 of them up a logging trail. Done it 4 times now. Works great.
  7. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow

    Mine are 7" with the bracket you cannot even tell.
  8. Headlight Upgrade for Sport S W/ Max Tow I took a chance on these when, I first got my Gladiator. They have been excellent and moisture free for almost a year now. They were plug and play and came with all the adpters to bolt right in...
  9. Transmission and/or Throttle Issues

    Good to hear. These are complex systems that really bring alot to the table, but they can go off the rails in very hard to diagnose ways.
  10. Transmission and/or Throttle Issues

    I would have to hear the ticking. There are several non- maintenance related ticks. The valve train os a bit noisy. And the injectors can make noise. If it is noticeably loud. There have been reported cam and cam phazer related issues. Not sure if they come from the factory like that or it...
  11. Livernois Motorsports Tune claims 50HP gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator

    I have been working on my own tune. To this point I have not been able to make 8th gear something as solids as say like 6th or 7th. I think there are two things at play. The engine has crank speed limits that are sensitive at low load O when it is running 1500 to 1800 rpm less than 50,% throttle...
  12. Transmission and/or Throttle Issues

    I would find a dealer who will do the resets.
  13. Stickers and decal pics!

    Hey Cindy I measured and my bed stars are 8 inches.
  14. A sad bunch of pics. Link to salvage gladiators for sale

    Man would love to pickup a mangled one and pull the drivetrain. Could look at fitting up an Mp3022 transfer case and build up the engine to really turn the screws up on my supercharger
  15. Joined the Gladiator cracked window club

    I took a full on golf ball sized rock to my HPG windshield on the interstate the other day. Not even a mark. My daughter's and I jump the impact was so loud. We looked and looked, even when we got home. You could not tell where it hit. So I am happy. I lost two stock windshields to rocks I...
  16. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    I know there is someone running around with a manual. I have been messaging with him. I would think this would work well as it takes one of the variables out of the equation.
  17. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    Wew! You had me worried . Hemi swaps have their place and their price. I think the Magnuson is a great piece of kit and tunning support is quickly catching up to the hardware. The hardware is solid, factory, legit stuff. It looks factory, and has factory reliability. The tuning was probably the...
  18. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    Winterized,,,, whaaaaaa!! My rig is DD until the wheels fall off lol!
  19. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    What size is this???
  20. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    So I have the Mopar lift on 35s. The stock jack has proven to be less than ideal, in the wild. Worked with a nice chunk of tree, lol. I was looking at these. I remember my old man using this in the 70s on the LTD, I think it was standard equipment. Not a huge fan, but I am thinking with the...