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  1. Who hasn't removed their door bolts yet, and why?

    I haven't only because toddlers in the rear and I'm vain (just front doors off looks silly IMO). This is my 5th jeep and I always took doors (+ top) off during the summer. Love the freedom panels though. So easy to remove and place in that padded carrier in the bed. PS you guys who don't take...
  2. Guys HELP!!! Gas Or Diesel

    Gas - just be sure to get the 4:10 gears (Mojave, Rubi or Max Tow Package). I was convinced I'd wait and order a diesel, the max tow quickly changed my mind.
  3. 2020 Gladiator Demon Sells On Barrett Jackson $185,000

    200k? Baffling. I'd estimate I prefer 90% of the rigs on this site to that thing. The interior, engine + mechanical upgrades are great but 40" tires, roller skate wheels and a tire in the bed (rendering it useless)? Literally if you gave it to me I'd have to do 5k in additional modifications...
  4. Show me stubby bumpers options with skid plate

    Rampage Bumper off Quadratec ($280 on sale!). No skid BUT I could have trimmed and replaced stock one, just liked the look better without...
  5. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    Sport because of max tow package (daily driver and work out of it) and price. Mojave was my favorite but I couldn't convince myself to pay 200% more for a less capable truck (just because it looks amazing).
  6. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    If money is truly no object buy a Mojave. They're the prettiest and ride so smooth! I drove every model available and its hands down the best overall IMO. The sticker on the Mojave I wanted was $60k. Do I have 60k to spend? Sure. Do I hate my money? Fuck no. I bought a sport with max tow for...
  7. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2020 Sales Results

    I highly doubt that. Just my 2 cents and i can't want to see how it unfolds but... Let me give you a few examples. My grandfather (80) and my CFO at work (40) both acted like they may get a Jeep the last few years. Actually the last 6 years. They didn't. Neither has ever owned any Jeep products...
  8. Sport S, no lift w/ 34.4 x 12.7 Nitto Ridge Grappler -- thoughts on aesthetic and ride

    Looks stuffed to me. I'd recommend the Rubicon take offs. Gave me about 1" lift with the additional spring length. Looks way better IMO and always get compliments. If you'd like it a little more level the daystar 3/4" front kit is $39.99 on quadratec... I did all those things and am very happy.
  9. Your truck is Ugly!?

    Amen. I think the stock Overland is god awful actually (larger wheels make the stock tires look even more dinky, painted fenders and top? Yuck). Anything but Rubicon / Mojave stock looks wayyyyy too long and low. But with even 1" of front lift and 33"+ tires changes everything. Best looking...
  10. Rubicon suspension takeoff question

    Did the Rubicon swap on my Sport. Can confirm that the front springs are taller (~3/4") from the Rubicon than my Sport with max tow package. Installed everything and it definitely gave me a little lift. Love it. Works great.

    All in what's that going to cost me?
  12. Max Tow - Real World MPG?

    22 on the highway. 17 in town. I have a leveling kit (3/4" Daystar) and stock Rubicon wheels / tires (Falken WildPeak MT) + front springs + shocks.
  13. How long do you plan to keep this truck?

    Exactly. Fully electric AND 500 mile range? Lol. Like I said, we'll be driving the current Gladiator until we die.
  14. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    Ha. All good points. Thanks for sharing your experience (and thanks for your service).
  15. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    I'm with you guys in supporting the boys in blue, but it's fading. How do you not self reflect more often? Some 90 IQ ass bringing home 40k a year is telling me the risks I'm allowed to take (or not)? Get bent you tyrants. There's great ones out there, but the 3 kids I went to hs with who became...
  16. How long do you plan to keep this truck?

    Until the end. No plans to dump a first generation, first ever 4 door oem "wrangler with a bed"... they're just going to be way too cool new, middle aged or old.
  17. Question: Would a max tow package ride quality suffer??

    It felt stiffer and more top heavy to me. That said I got a max tow sport and immediately put rubi springs in the front with rubi shocks all around and a 3/4 leveling kit on ... so now my max tow rides almost exactly like what I ranked last lol. Again difference was extremely marginal and it...
  18. Question: Would a max tow package ride quality suffer??

    No (the max tow does not ride poorly or really any different than the other models). I'm not a professional driver but when I test drove (every model one right after another) I would have ranked ride quality: 1) Mojave 2) Sport with max tow 3) Overland 4) Sport 5) Rubicon That said they all...
  19. Max Tow Package

    No details so possible their claim means nothing, but they claim its upgraded.
  20. Max Tow Package

    max tow has wider axles, larger cooling system, 4:10 gear ratio (compared to 3:73 on most models), progrssive springs, increased payload (1600 lbs ish?) and towing (7700 lbs ish?) ... i think that's all but im running on 2 bottles of wine and exhaustion.