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    Who here lives in Tampa Bay? Any jeep meet ups or events?
  2. Silver Lake Dunes, MI

    Why do they make you put flags on your jeep? For visibility? Or were you in an event or something
  3. Woops that was deep.

    any other vehicle would be totaled lol.
  4. So, saw a Gladiator (rubicon) in a Music video last night

    AWWW man I was just twerking to this jam while sipping on a screw driver to this vid when my wife walked in.
  5. Florida DV8 Rear Bumper new in box

    ahh got it. I was callin' em "tow hooks". Those painted mesh inserts look awesome. Did you get a shop to do it or did you paint them yourself?
  6. Just wanted to say thanks

    This is a great board with a lot of awesome and helpful folks on it. Just wanted to say thanks to whoever owns/runs it. It has been my escape from the political vitriol for weeks now. Much appreciated.
  7. Prodigy performance Turbo Vs. RIPP Supercharger....which would you go with?

    Talked to a custom jeep shop owner and he mentioned they were getting great results with the Prodigy turbo. I did a lil research on here and some are saying prodigy turbo's are hit or miss. The shop owner did tell me that the prodigy turbo produces more power than the supercharger. For those...
  8. Florida DV8 Rear Bumper new in box

    I own a very well known bar here in Tampa, if you come up drinks/food are on me! lemme know
  9. 2020 Gladiator Demon Sells On Barrett Jackson $185,000

    Hahhaa! sorry for the debbie downer vibe! lol, not my intention. But truly, Barnum never actually said that. Not trying to start a pissing match or anything. Jeep on!
  10. XPLOR The Great Divide - Rebels Continental Divide Trip

    WOW! that is incredible. What city/state is this? Great pictures. Thanks for sharing
  11. Florida DV8 Rear Bumper new in box

    What are 'recovery points'?
  12. Florida DV8 Rear Bumper new in box

    I didn't install it. I had line-x install this and a few other things at the same time so they gave me a flat rate. Don't remember what the labor was on it.
  13. Florida Jeep Overland original wheels/tires

    Have about 200 miles on these. Factory overland rims/tires. Will part with 4 rims/tires for $150 cash. I'm in Tampa, FL
  14. Florida DV8 Rear Bumper new in box

    Ordered this bumper on DV8's website. Never got a confirmation the transaction went through (page or email). Figured for some reason they were back ordered and didn't update their website or there was some sort of glitch. So, I order it from Quadratec. The Quadratec one got here in about a...
  15. About to buy a 2021 base Sport instead of Sport S here's my thoughts why

    To OP: You can use waze still if you have the touch screen, which I think all jeeps do. If you have an iphone they have apple carplay, which has waze. just plug your iphone into the usb and tap on carplay on the screen and both waze and spotify pop up.
  16. Looks like I'm waiting for a 2021 Gladiator

    If family comes first, check out a Tundra or a new Tahoe. When my bimmer was in the shop they gave me a tahoe loaner. It was NIIIIIICE. Rides like you are on a cloud. Super roomy, nice leather and trim packages.
  17. What do you keep behind the rear seat?

    small bugout bag, Mossberg Cruiser, owners manual
  18. 2020 Gladiator Demon Sells On Barrett Jackson $185,000

    Barnum never actually said this.
  19. Things I don’t like about my new Gladiator

    LOL you shoulda bought a toyota 4rav with racks on it. Maybe got one of those family stickers for the back window.