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  1. Anyone remove the carpet?

    I replaced the carpet in my JKU with Armorlite...great product! Really wish they'd make a kit for the Gladiator
  2. Looking for Vinyl Wrap for Dashboard Trim

    You can use any 12" vinyl roll for it ( a 12" x 60" roll on Amazon is about $15)...are you looking for precut pieces?
  3. Backing up with door open

    The nanny state world we live in. Instead of people being responsible, let's invent some over regulated bs so they don't have to think or take responsibility for themselves. Rant over :whew: I use a seatbelt extender..I assume its habit, but I always have my door open when backing a trailer or...
  4. Quadratec LED Interior Mount 50” Stealth Light Bar

    I know lumens always starts lighting arguments, but the stealth bar is only 8,160 lm for the split bar, 10,200 for the 1 piece. Most mid range bars in the same price range are closer to 20,000 lumens. The types of lights also play a major role and the stealth output is a 90 degree flood vs. Most...
  5. Quadratec LED Interior Mount 50” Stealth Light Bar

    Read all the reviews and watched a few YouTube videos...still on the fence. Sealing it up isn't hard as several people have used foam gasket tape to get rid of small amounts of light leaking through. My issue is cost vs. Light output. Several youtube videos show it not reaching much farther...
  6. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Installed the Alpine PSS-23wra this morning. Great sound improvement!
  7. Lets talk about bed covers

    No...of the 3 sections, only the back 2 fold up and rest on the last section. For full bed access you have to remove the cover (only takes a couple of minutes)
  8. Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  9. What would you do?

    Sport S...ignore my shed that looks like a strange rooftop tent :CWL:
  10. What would you do?

    I added quadratec Baja extreme wheels $450 and 255/80-17 (33.1") Falken at's $1050... So right at $1500 and love them.
  11. What do u have coming in the mail?

    I won a Rancho Level it! kit from Rancho (RS5000 shocks/springs) and it just shipped this morning! Also just ordered the Alpine PSS-23WRA sound system upgrade ($899 on Amazon beat the $1099 price everyone else seems to have)
  12. Mojave or Rubicon Seats.

    IF you just want molle attachments and a more durable cloth, the Bartact seat covers are the best route:
  13. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    As close as I could get withoput having them custom painted (quadratec Metallic gray and believe they have the look alike for most of the stock rims):
  14. Custom graphics for my Mojave!

    If you're looking for variance (*other than black), that graphic would look fantastic printed on the Kryptek camo vinyl and allow for several variatons of color:
  15. New Quadratec Morphic Wheel in latest catalog, not yet on website

    Yes. I went with a 255/80-17 tire on mine that have 4.75 backspacing and they still stick out about an inch. I wanted 285/70-17's but they would have stuck out even farther.
  16. New Quadratec Morphic Wheel in latest catalog, not yet on website

    Also better back spacing. Factory is 6.1 I believe and these are 5.2 so moves the wheel centerline out 1 "
  17. Need advice - Best "upgraded" tire size on stock Sport S rims?

    To m To me, it's perfect. I'll never lift it beyond a front level kit and I like a little gap in the wheel well. The tires aren't too heavy, ride great and suit what I want visually. Had a few Wranglers I lifted with 35's, 2 or 3 inch lifts and they quickly become a burden to drive on road...
  18. Need advice - Best "upgraded" tire size on stock Sport S rims?

    Got the same size based off another post of yours...thank you!
  19. Need advice - Best "upgraded" tire size on stock Sport S rims?

    The only drawback with stock wheels is when adding wider tires. I have a Sport S and just didn't like the looks of the stock rims so changed them out for some quadratec Baja rims and 255-80/17 tires. Gas mileage dropped a bit with the heavier/taller tires but no more than .5 mpg. The Falkens are...