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  1. Mojave Lift Options

    many will want to lift it.
  2. Mojave Lift Options

    the mojave is already level, if not a touch nose high.
  3. New FabTech Mojave Lift Available

    i think the shock mounts on the mojave are different and require unique shock extensions. If i understand correctly, the dimensions along the y axis are different.
  4. New FabTech Mojave Lift Available

    yeah. I guess my question mark came from thinking we had the same high clearance fenders as that not accurate? But I agree...i'd expect 37's to fit.
  5. New FabTech Mojave Lift Available

    Damn. Only 35’s? I thought Mojave had high clearance fenders and 37’s would fit. still. This is the best option for us Mojave’ers right now. Drag link flip. Rear geometry correction. Specific shock mounts. Well done fabtech
  6. Mojave Lift Options

    Have we confirmed what parts were actually used from TeraFlex for this?
  7. Why did you choose a Gladiator?

    many reasons. -needed something smaller than my Ram 2500. -mopar quality has really gone up over last several years -tacoma engine and trans too anemic -wont but a chevy. Ever. Period. -ranger looked good, but i dont like ford infotainment or cheap feeling interior -uconnect -ill just say it...
  8. kid bought a Taco

    10yrs from now your son will have a classifieds ad For his tacoma “2020 tacoma 4x4. Only 285,000 miles, some rust. Needs brakes, tires, valve job, water pump, and head gasket. Transmission works, but slow getting into gear and shifts rough. Interior is a solid 4/10. Otherwise perfect. Asking...
  9. Gladiators on Mopar 2" Lift Kit

    Can someone with a rubicon measure center of their wheel to a point on their fender front and rear? Im trying to see how much the springs would lift a mojave. thanks!
  10. Oil Catch Can - is it needed?

    I need to find one for my woman’s GC 3.6
  11. Mojave Lift Options

    no troubles. Just trying to track down exactly what parts you used
  12. So how many Mojave owners have had steering issues or the box replaced?

    Mine doesnt feel nearly as bad as others ive driven but ill still get the tsb done because im anal about it. The rubicon i test drove was horrendous
  13. Help Dialing In Rubicon with Mopar Lift and 37s

    There is a youtube video somewhere about how to adjust the power steering box that can help with the dead spot. Supposedly works well with the TSB, but i havent personally tried it. shift points, as mentioned, measure wheels exactly. I will say, that IMO, re-gearing should have been a part...
  14. What’s everyone using for oil?

    i have had a really hard time adjusting from running 20w50 and changing every 3k miles to 0w20 and changing every 8k. the reality seems to be these new thin synthetics have a lot of technology in them and work really really well, for a really long time. Ive had to admit that 0w20 is “on my...
  15. Free Intake...kinda.

    Maybe its because im still working through my first cup of coffee, but my head’s orientation of those pics is screwing with me. is there now a big hole open on the bottom of your intake pipe...?
  16. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojave's

    ive read that 2020 missed the boat. 2021 will have it and maybe an update?
  17. Pic Request - Rubicon/Mojave back-to-back 33s vs 35s

    thanks. From the pic it looks about 1” higher front and 1-2” higher rear over mojave. sound close?
  18. Pic Request - Rubicon/Mojave back-to-back 33s vs 35s

    hmmm. That might be subtle enough to mount those mopar springs right to a mojave. Is it as subtle a change in person in your view? Or is it “a bigger difference than the pic shows”?