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  1. Seat Belt Chime Deactivated

    Used my JSCAN to deactivate the annoying seatbelt chime today. Will come in handy when I am on forest roads frequently in and out to get firewood. Hated it always chiming
  2. Soft Top as Bimini Top

    really enjoy this option on the soft top
  3. Finally installed Desert Does It short seat jackers

    they are awesome! but had had to completey disconnect seat.. bonus... was able to rescue key fob lost!
  4. Scout to return via Volkswagen

    VW Scout EV to be Made in America at new U.S. EV Plant - Scoutevforum.com
  5. Got wet seats?

    tarp up but too late.. seats got washed lol
  6. Pants or Panties in a bundle

    ok so let's hear your pants/ panties in a bundle issues...
  7. Ford Recalls

    https://abcnews.go.com/Business/ford-urges-suvs-parked-fire-risks/story?id=84841280 Houston, Ford has a problem...
  8. Jscan not able to disable ESS

    well I bought he single and the Vlinker MC*. Everything worked except disabling he ESS... kinda disappointed .
  9. Locking gas cap

    well I went and bought a locking gas cap today... anyone else doing this?
  10. who is on original oem aluminum steering box?

    I have 2020 JT Sport S 25+K on it. steers fine one finger on wheel at hwy speeds. Just curious to those who might still have aluminum steering box with no issues
  11. Hmmm.. Des Moines???

  12. Happy with Premium Soft Top?

    let's hear from folks who are happy with their premium soft top
  13. wheel hop in fresh snow

    Ok.. 6" fresh snow on an unplowed forest road.. experienced significant wheel hop in both 4HI and 4 LO..not sharp turns .. during regular driving... not heavy on the gas.... not my first jeep nor first time driving in snow... am on BFG KO2 tires 285 70 17. no lift...I would appreciate any...
  14. Issue Free JT post here

    Want to hear about issue free JT folks so far. Post up and include mileage.
  15. Video of new Ford Bronco

    hmm not my cup of tea..
  16. A shout out to everyone

    Just a shout out to all... I have benefitted immensely from all of the info, opinions, banter, etc... thanks!
  17. Anyone Else Really Like Looking at Your Parked Rig?

    I find myself admiring my JT(like I did with my JK) . Really enjoy admiring the lines, stance, overall "jeepness". Anyone else have this experience?
  18. Tight Responsive Steering- post here.

    My steering has been very responsive since I bought it with 49 miles on it. 1979 miles and one handed on highway. No wander no wobbles .Anyone else have good steering?
  19. Clock not keeping time

    anyone else having this issue? Twice now my clock has not been correct.. had to reset it...