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  1. Rubicon hood vents

    I have a set of Poison Spyder louvers rather than the motobilt one. Water drips right into the engine bay when it rains. But stopped at a light you can see the heat getting pushed out from the fans. Lets off enough heat when I had 3 inches of snow on my car that the vents had no snow. No...
  2. PRP and Armorlite or....?

    Armorlite is fantastic, I had to modify some brackets and wire runs for some of my accessories to work with the flooring though. No regrets as it is so easy to clean and looks great.
  3. Rubi with Dirtbox Tray/Half Box. Portals

    What brand portals did you go with? 74 Weld?
  4. 2021 JTWD Ecodiesel P026C Code

    I'd recommend browsing the ram ecodiesel forums for more information on everything,more people with higher mileage there. Just hoping I won't be waiting 18 months
  5. Rusty PW Journal

    Looks to be a transfer case skid
  6. Clayton 2.5” bumpstops

    I'm on a clayton 3.5 with 2" metalcloak bumpstops front and rear with the duro spring bumps as well. So far no issues with uptravel with my 37s. Will note that I am a diesel so my front jounce do sit lower down than the gas equivalent.
  7. Flushing Brake Fluid

    My fault there, didn't notice it was 5.1
  8. Flushing Brake Fluid

    Doesn't hurt to buy more than you need and just return what you don't use. If you do plan to swap to dot 5 you're going to want to flush the whole system with alcohol too. What's wrong with just using dot 3 and doing a flush every year?
  9. Another Mojave on 40s

    I'm planning to go 60s just for the peace of mind even though the price tag is insane. I've spoken to people with built stock housings and they haven't had issues with anything. I'm just concerned about the pinion gear and the wheel bearings as I think those would be the weakest link once you...
  10. Another Mojave on 40s

    Any new axle shafts or just running the stock shafts? I'm planning for 40s as well but mostly concerned about stock parts failing.
  11. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    Bit of snow in Big Bear. Lotta ice under 6"-12" of snow in some spots. Lots of trails with fresh powder and no tracks which are fun till you can't go any further. If someone can finish 2n71 for me that would be great.
  12. You’ve got $500 what are you buying?

    Save it for the one ton fund. 😉 At least that's what I should be doing but I keep buying tools.

    If you want actual uptravel with 37s you will need some kind of lift. If you don't need alot of uptravel or don't offroad, you can get away with alot.
  14. W.T.F.D.I.G.M.I - Turning my daily drive into a trail rig.

    Following for my own future reference. Can't wait to see the final result so I can follow suit.
  15. Armorlite regrets?

    Bought an ARB compressor extension from expedition essentials. Ran that extension from the compressor under where the armorlite overlaps each other through the center console. Ran it up the driver door sill(would not recommend, would probably recommend just run it under the center console)...
  16. Bump stops?

    I replaced the clayton bump stops with metalcloak ones just so that I could dial in my uptravel. The clayton provided ones just were a tad tall for my diesel. No real issues though.
  17. Beach driving tires

    The Baja Boss A/Ts for me did pretty well in soft sand. Sand hollow was the softest sand I had ever dealt with, all it took was airing down a bit more than usual.
  18. What do u have coming in the mail?

    I kindly request a build thread when you start, you know for science.
  19. Looking at trading my Chevy 2.8 Z71 for Ruby with 3.0, need input please!

    Probably cause diesel gives you alot of fun torque. Just a guess based on my own experiences.