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  1. Camping with your Gladiator

    Life got in the way and we did not get out camping this winter (our more typical season). Finally got the opportunity this past weekend for my wife & my Anniversary. We had got this Coleman stove as a wedding gift 28 years ago......still using it.
  2. First Ever Jeep Gladiator Beach Edition Announced

    Pretty lame "beach" set up, particularly the Gladiator/glorified Willys one. The old High Tide was much better.
  3. Gladiator top removal - best way to remove myself?

    I do my JL 2 door the exact same way, even with the rope loops at the front. A lift would be nice, but this was cheap and works well with my low garage height and other stuff in the way.
  4. Tailgate extension for Motorcycle (Metric cruiser- '05 Victory Vegas) in the Bed!

    FWIW you don't need to have the engine running, I actually think its better to not do it that way. Backing down I use the clutch on a non-running engine in 1st gear to act like a "dead man" rear hand brake. Should shit go sideways and you let go the lever, the bike is NOT rolling back/moving. I...
  5. Tailgate extension for Motorcycle (Metric cruiser- '05 Victory Vegas) in the Bed!

    Yup, I was REALLY surprised when I grounded out my extra long hitch (for tailgate down towing) one time. When I needed a bed extender for my Kayaks I went with a curved design so I would not ground it out so easily.
  6. Sunrider Soft Top Noise Question

    I have a JL with the hard top and Sunrider. My JT is the soft top. They are pretty close in wind noise, with the sunrider actually having a bit more wind noise. I honestly believe the hump that the gladiator soft top has helps for less wind noise. I suspect there is a very good reason why the...
  7. A-Pillar Water Drip (TSB 23-041-21 REV. A)

    Yea, on the 21's I think we just need the updated header seal with the flap/tab that fits up under the gutter. Mine as it currently is pours out over the diverters into the truck on mostly level ground.
  8. A-Pillar Water Drip (TSB 23-041-21 REV. A)

    Yup, My 2021 does not have this latest seal at the windshield header (or its installed wrong) and the water pours in vs being channeled into the Diverters by the seal flap.. I have been to my dealer a few times trying to get it replaced/fixed and they keep telling me mine is fine and the TSB...
  9. Mud flaps, again

    Not the JT, but I bought a set of cheap Mopar knock offs 4-5 years ago for the JL. Basically that is what seems the Amazon and Red Rock are. A fraction of what the Mopars were (They were $27 shipped back then off ebay) and they have held up and work well. Would have done the same with the JT if...
  10. Cheapy softy?

    I have been using the cheepo Odero Colorado cover for a few years now. Bought from here for $115, dont be shy about making an offer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254356227444
  11. Frustrating Android Auto connection issues

    I have happily been using Android auto in my truck for the past 3 years. I bought a new phone about 8 months ago and it has worked fine since I got it. In the past 2 days I have gone from 1) Having to re-plug my phone in to get Android auto to launch/work 2) Having to do #1 plus restart the...
  12. Gladiator or Wrangler??

    Have you ever looked up? Perhaps you sit further forward than we do, but the Sunrider is right over our heads and we are in the shade. Technically you can't remove the hardtop, you have to remove or at least undo all the hardware and lift the sunrider to get the top off, then reattach it.
  13. Gladiator or Wrangler??

    Don't even consider a hard top Gladiator. IMO if you want open air the sun rider is too small, the freedom panels are just a little better and neither offers anything for the back seat passengers. Go test drive a soft top and see what you think. I find the Gladiator soft top much better than...
  14. High Altitude, yay or nay?

    The color match bumpers (front & rear) are the only things that I find really over the top with the HA. The capability package is actually a pretty nice set up for right off the lot.
  15. 2024 Jeep Gladiator debuts with new grille, interior, more options and upper trim levels

    So what is this? A 2024 Willys with mopar lift, wheels, tires, ect added?
  16. Mattress for bed of JT?

    Yup, thats what we do. Snatch the tent out (Napier w/the bottom) with the mattress and sleeping bags still inside. Tent camped many years and really prefer the trunk tent, being elevated and out of the dirt/dust/mud of ground camping. Feel a bit safer too when the coyotes and bears come around.
  17. Mattress for bed of JT?

    Not sure what is up with Amazon but the one Rightline markets as for the Gladiator (110M60) shows the 76" x 44" dimensions on most sites I found. Hell the Amazon description says is memory foam...
  18. Mattress for bed of JT?

    How do those airbedz work with the rightline tents? They are pretty deep and with the added block fill the whole tailgate, seems like would be a tight fit at the end of a rightline tent. Rightline makes one that seems to fit between the wells is not as deep and has less length at the tailgate...
  19. Bestop SunScreen: JL / JT Sunshade for Sunrider for Hardtop released!

    Like this? And look how its a nice straight line across, So even the front only is more open.