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  1. Rim Width

    Tire Manufacturers give a range for acceptable rim width when reviewing tire specifications. When considering rims for a specific tire, what are the advantages/disadvantages of rim width selection assuming you are staying within the recommended range of the tire manufacturer? Will one width give...
  2. Improperly Programming Gear Ratio

    I was just reading a thread about a gentleman who was planning to use his JScan to change his gear ratio without actually changing his gears. It got me wondering what impact it would have on transmission shifting and more importantly transmission life. Is the transmission able to pick/learn the...
  3. What's Up with Your Web Site?

    Hey @Quadratec When I log into my account on your web site, I can't view any of my orders; filled or unfilled. Is this ever going to be fixed? This is over a week old problem. Are my orders lost forever?
  4. Virginia Sold: Free OEM Rock Rails

    I put aftermarket Rock Rails on my 21 Mojave. The original rock rails and installation hardware are in excellent shape and are free to anyone who is willing to pick them up. They are in Virginia Beach.
  5. Quick Removable Bed Rack

    I'm looking for a bed rack that I can install with the Mopar roll-up soft tonneau. The primary purpose of the rack is the transport of standup paddle boards (SUPs). I'm ok with keeping the cover rolled up when I'm using the rack. The Yakima Overhaul looks like it will work and would be easy to...
  6. Considering a Bestop Sunrider

    Warm weather is here and the Sunrider looks like a good compromise between just hanging with the hardtop and hassling with taking the panels off for some sunshine and fresh air or getting a full soft top (and having to store the hardtop). For those of you that have one, what are the pros and...