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  1. Gun Porn

    This thread was created to share information and discuss the use of firearms in a safe and responsible manner. No political commentary will be tolerated and the Administration of this forum will remove that commentary or close the thread in its entirety. I added a new Springfield to my armory...
  2. Just Some JTs Hangin' Out

    I took my JT into a local shop to have a Tereflex level kit installed. I came out of the shop when the install was complete and was presented with a cool photo op... On the left is the shop owner's Rubi JT with a MetalCloak lift on 38s. In the middle, and looking decidedly puny, is my...

    I got smacked by a small rock last night on the way home. I was on the freeway and passed by an exit where the secondary road was under construction repair. I looked at the windshield, and, yeah... I have a long crack running from the base of the windshield almost to the top on the right side...
  4. Arizona Sold: FACTOR 55 FLATLINK

    Factor 55 Flatlink, P/N 0050-01. Excellent condition with no scarring, scratches or scrapes. $85 plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail at the cost of $10.20. Payment by PayPal preferred. If not paying by F&F please add 3% to the total price.
  5. Arizona Sold: GMRS Handheld Radios

    One (1) pair of Baofeng G11S GMRS handheld radios with lanyards, LI batteries, USB charger and cord, antennas and manual. One radio has a microphone clip button permanently installed. The other has a belt clip. Both radios are in excellent condition and ready to operate. $40 for all items...
  6. Swap to 8.4N Head Unit???

    What does it take to upgrade to a 8.4 or 8.4N head unit? I currently have the 7 inch unit. Thanks!
  7. Noob From Arizona

    Just joined the forum from Arizona. I am trading in a JL Wrangler on a certified used JT Gladiator. I've found that most of the aftermarket parts I put on the Wrangler will fit the JT. I have a few that I will swap over from the JL to the JT and I'll be good to go. Here is the JL I am trading...