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  1. Scratching my head over complaints

    It is human nature to make your complaints heard. Before Yelp or online reviews I recall a dealership sales manager say, "For every happy customer 1 or 2 friends may hear about that good experience. Every unhappy customer will tell everyone they know." I also believe people think they are...
  2. My white Gladiator Rubicon delivered!

    Congrats OP!!! Jeep/FCA dealerships in NorCal are usually the last to get anything new. I have yet to see the Gladiator in person! Also the sales guys are clueless when they will be in :headbang:
  3. 2020 Gladiator Build & Price Site Updated With Pricing. Post Your Build!

    Finally got pricing and my only gripe is the price of the optional 3-piece hardtop. It is much smaller than the JLU but basically the same price. Go figure! :facepalm:
  4. How much will these trucks be worth a year from delivery?

    If it the JT holds up like the Tacoma that would be huge.
  5. Gladiator soft top, doorless, windshield down driving

    The definition of implements of husbandry (IoH) is: A self-propelled or towed vehicle that is manufactured, designed or reconstructed to be used and that is exclusively used in the conduct of agricultural operations. Hmmmm... put a rake in the back and you can drive with windshield down on...
  6. FIRST Production 2020 Jeep Gladiator Comes Off The Line!

    Stock JTR has some serious wheel space. The stock tires look tiny and appears to have more room than a stock JLUR.
  7. Updated steering in Gladiator?

    Death wobble affects a very small percentage of JLs but it is def there and with enough being vocal about it finally made Jeep acknowledge the issue. Can hope any improvements to the JL transfers to the JT.
  8. 7% Below Invoice Pricing for Gladiator!!!

    This is a BS reply. Everyone should feel free to share stories and we can decide to read it or not. Don't assume no one cares or why join a forum?!?
  9. 7% Below Invoice Pricing for Gladiator!!!

    Awesome discount if the APR % is good! I would never see this in NorCal! :facepalm:
  10. Which dealerships will get the Gladiator first?

    Who cares. I don't plan on buying anything marked up so will wait for the dust to settle and get a decent price; most likely near the end of the year.
  11. Price - Last & Final Guess

    My guess is that the JT has a $3-4k premium over the JLU base price across the model line. Several other sources agree with this guesstimate.
  12. Meet the chief designer of the Jeep Gladiator - Taylor Langhals

    Designer had a fairly easy job since most of the JT exterior has not changed from the JL. I do like how the bed and rear fenders flow with the JL body lines. I wish the rear doors were bigger but I can understand why Jeep kept them interchangeable with the JLU. Also pretty cool to see a guy at...
  13. Gladiator length

    Sounds like someone that's been in prison :surprised:
  14. Gladiator Brochure Digital/Web

    I am expecting a $3k bump across the line for the JT over the JLU.
  15. Possible bad news

    But it has leather latches which instantly gives it off road cred!!!
  16. Possible bad news

    Sounds like the dealership OP went to is already thinking about adding dealer markups! Not shocking since the same was done with the JL and I would just plan on waiting until the dust settles to get a fair price.
  17. Not for tall people

    From what I am hearing its not the headroom that is the issue it is the sports bar just behind the front seats. I suppose if you are tall and you push the front seats all the way back I can see head room issues.
  18. Not for tall people

    Was the seat height adjustment removed in the JL? Or with the seat already down all the way still tough for us tall folks? I don't recall reading if it was or not.
  19. Gladiator bed box depth / height is 17.5" from floor to top of rail

    Bed depth not bad at all, especially because the JT is not meant to be a construction truck. Dying to ask a Jeep engineer why the 3.6 power is still underpowered compared to other modern V6s of the same size?!? I can only assume the 3.6 average output is meant for reliability.
  20. jl pricing & spec for aus

    Yeah, a bit off topic but not much else happening on the Gladiator front until we finally get pricing!