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  1. First impressions after 500 Miles in a FULLY loaded EcoDiesel Gladiator Rubicon

    To my understanding it had to do with something in regards to the cooling system. Like they couldn't put as large of cooling system as necessary and the physical design of the Jeep didn't allow enough airflow. I'm sure it'll pull it though
  2. Finally available! > 2020 Jeep Gladiator Accessories - Trailer Brake Controller - 82215652

    It comes in the Bigfoot package since no one has ever seen it
  3. Hitch is bent and rusted on new Gladiator Sport S Max Tow

    I'm not. They don't even know how many quarts of oil to put in the thing.
  4. New part number for mopar lift kit shocks or if anyone knows if these are the same/similar I know they don’t say Jeep on them or whatever they say
  5. New part number for mopar lift kit shocks The part number for the shocks in the mopar kit listed in that link are “discontinued” does anyone have the new part numbers?
  6. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    Jeeps have and always will have manual transfer cases... it’s a Jeep... and the rest of that is beyond trivial. They make grand Cherokees for that.
  7. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    I see everyone here is an engineer/keyboard warrior. Good look guys.
  8. FCA gone

    My 90 was also AMC
  9. 392 wrangler

    Little big for this ol girl about 1200lbs
  10. 392 wrangler

  11. 392 wrangler

    Straight 6?
  12. FCA gone

    The puke goat
  13. 392 wrangler

    I feel better about this one though because it’s on the front page of their website not a 3rd party news source
  14. 392 wrangler

    Well I’d definitely be alright with that
  15. 392 wrangler

    And go...
  16. Why does no one mention Ramsey Winches?

    So you have a Ramsey winch and are asking people about them. That’s interesting.
  17. 2021 Bronco

    100% I thought the reservation was funny they must need money for something. They will sell many for sure but it’s not like there is going to be a shortage of them.
  18. 2021 Bronco

    Semi agree however, “standard features” on the base include power windows, mirrors (heated), locks, 8in touch screen, hard top comes standard on 2 door. This is all right on fords website that you didn’t read. Say the Sasquatch package is 3k (I have no idea but seems fair) you get Billstien...
  19. 10.5 vs. 12.5 wide tire

    I have those in 35 12.5 on my Cummins great tire
  20. 2021 Bronco

    Lol the front end on that thing has 0 articulation watching the vid