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  1. Has anyone bought a gladiator lately, in stock off the lot?

    Looking at a Gladiator Rubicon to replace my 2018 JLUR. MSRP is $62,900 and they are offering it at $57,900. Don't have time to go out of state, and really not interested in ordering one.
  2. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    HB to the desert, when my dad made that move I thought he was crazy. Do enjoy the desert. Hope to see you around the trails.
  3. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Great area, waiting for it to cool down.
  4. Production V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Spied!

    Any idea what this is going to add to the MSRP?
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Fellow Jeeper from Huntington Beach, I am stuck in Toronto, Canada and seeing that picture at 5 points makes me jealous.
  6. Gladiator Podcast by Overland Journal

    I enjoy these guys podcast.