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  1. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    I have nothing but good things to say about quake LED they are awesome. Took care of my return and record time didn't worry about returning the old ones made the entire contact of them directly even though I bought them from a third party and they took care of me directly which is more than any...
  2. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    Mine had all the issues. First radar sensors didn't work had to cut out the emblem. After removing the emblem blind spot sensors worked great. Shortly afterwards my driver side tail light backup light started to flash and then went out shortly afterwards not too long after that my passenger side...
  3. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    Did you loosen the ttwo bolts and lift up on light to cover cavity the tighten bolts.
  4. 2021 Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel Officially Announced

    Still have 2 years on my lease should have plenty of feedback by then. Better mileage sound good though. If anyone bought the quake LED tail lights and is having problems with blind spot sensors like me contact their customer service they are on the problem.
  5. Max tow with or without hood “Gladiator” stickers?

    Why mess with perfection factory put it on there I'm leaving it on there along with my groundhog rated badge. not trying to make anybody happy but me I'm the one that has to make the payments.
  6. Blast from the past.

    Love the side tire mount!!!!!!
  7. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    I really liked the logo....bummer
  8. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    Loosen the 2 bolts some and lift up on lights while tightening takes out the space.
  9. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    Just installed these quake LEDs on my gladiator. Look great switched over the radar units but now the light work great but my side radar does not. Does possibly need to drive some to reset computer??????
  10. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    Just over 8000 on mine. It my be misfiring all the time because it sure eats gas......but it climbs trees so I am real good. Named her skwrrrrrl.
  11. This makes me uncomfortable

    That is just sad... I at least hope insurance covered it.
  12. Best Combo Rock Slider Rail and Step

    I am in love with my AMP research rock bars and step combos. Very sturdy solid steel when you need Rock slides no loss of height on your truck and when you need them they pop down and they are there. Also they have two motors to run them one in each arm which makes them very very beefy
  13. Max tow with or without hood “Gladiator” stickers?

    isn't that the beauty of jeeps we're all renegades we're all outlaws I don't have to like what you like and you don't have to like what I like as long as we like what we have you do what makes you feel good cuz that's what I'm going to do
  14. JTR LE Build Up with No Letdown

    All you need is some amp research side steps it will also give you a much better rock bars when folded. Favorite accessory I have put on mine. Great looking build.
  15. Jeep "Groundhog Day" Superbowl Commercial! [Updated With Extended Directors Cut]

    Best commercial so far. I have also lost my gladiator the same way many times. Starting to think groundhogs are not reliable navigators.
  16. EPA MPG ratings released for Wrangler Diesel

    Didn't buy my gladiator for gas mileage. I bought it to be able to crawl over traffic jams if need be.
  17. Giveaway: Hothead Headliner For JT Jeep Gladiator!

    Great for Mojave desert living