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  1. 2021 Gladiator Mojave Spacer Lift for 37s?

    Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it, but it rode like shit after I put mine on. I took it off, back to a factory smooth ride. 2.5”
  2. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Unfortunately I'm having this issue also. I can catch it by ear because I know what it is (before this thread was found). No CEL lights (that I know of) 2020 Mojave
  3. 2020 Gladiator Demon Sells On Barrett Jackson $185,000

    Nevermind, not same guy.....
  4. 2020 Gladiator Demon Sells On Barrett Jackson $185,000

    I'm pretty sure the guy was a gammer and a youtube star. Pretty sure it was his truck
  5. Am I the only one having spark knock issues?

    Ok so I'm having some serious spark knock issues. Of course it's at its worst when I run reg fuel. I seen a video about Ripped upgraded coils and how much they help with ignition, but is anyone else having this issue?
  6. Virginia MOJAVE factory tires and rims MUD TERRAINS TPMS sensors included $850

    I'm open to offers and can meet in like williamsburg if that will help ya. Up to you
  7. Virginia MOJAVE factory tires and rims MUD TERRAINS TPMS sensors included $850

    I have 1500 miles on these give or take (still plenty of tread). I just got aftermarket tires and wheels, so selling these. $1,100 obo. First come, first serve
  8. Virginia Virginia Beach. DECKED unit, month old, have recipes, extras

    I like this thing, not gonna lie, it’s just I think the backflip might better suite my needs. If you want 100% waterproof, here’s your chance at a fraction of the price retail. Think I paid like $1,200ish something for everything after taxes. (Two boxes (tan), waiter drain kit, dividers, Trax...
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    All my goodies came in today! I was gonna install myself, but called local shop and they said $200. For that cheap I’ll let them put it in and tune it! Oh and alpine factory sub is coming out.
  10. Unhooking factory sub and tapping LOC into wires going into it...?....

    I'm putting in a LC2i into my gladiator and taking out the factory sub as I'm installing a amp and 2 10's. I've seen where people tap the LOC into the sound bar, but since I'm pulling the factory sub, can I just tap into that instead?
  11. Slight rusting bump stops Mojave

    Sure thing fellas, hopefully it helped
  12. Slight rusting bump stops Mojave

    It deff had some rake to the front. I did the 1.5 by taraflex. They come with 2 spacers, a 1” and a .5” for your own desired taste. I did the 1.5” (total) and now it sits nose high lol. I do have a lot of weight in the bed (a decked box filled with tools) so I may take the .5” out.
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    1.5 taraflex leveling kit.
  14. Slight rusting bump stops Mojave

    Not the end of the world, but I’m having some minor rusting on my hydro bump stops on my Mojave. I noticed it when I was putting on my taraflex leveling kit. Educated guess would be the boot that is around it is holding water and not draining. It’s held tight at the base with a ziptie. I took my...
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I love this thing so far! Storage is no longer a problem!
  16. What can we do for you?

    My JT came with the soft top. I need a full hard top (all 3 pieces) non painted. Think thats something you can help with? PM would be best. Thank you
  17. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojave's

    Wheels finally came in after 2 months