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  1. Undisclosed Why is this subcategory “Non-JL Parts”?

    This whole website appears to be a clone of a similar JL website.
  2. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Getting into the holiday spirit! I used a wreath made to plug into a 12v cigarette lighter, but instead of running it into the cab, I installed a 12v plug under the hood and wired it to an aux switch. Now I can turn it on and off from the console. There’s probably an easier way, but this...
  3. Painting just the sides / back of a black textured hard top

    It was from LRM Customs. You’re probably better off reaching out directly.
  4. New top on wrangler 392?

    I think I read that it’s a permanent installation. If you go this route, you can open and close at will but never be able to take the whole thing off. I saw one in the wild a week or so ago, but it was closed.
  5. Two identical JT Sports have different fenders.

    This. The second one is a Max Tow... Wider axles, bigger brakes, better engine cooling, bigger alternator, rear limited slip differential...
  6. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Installed my Simple Aux this morning. I didn’t fully seat wire #3 before I crimped so I’ll need to redo that at some point or just bypass the Simple Aux altogether. It doesn’t have a planned assignment so I’m not freaking out about it.
  7. Lightweight Winch & Recovery Gear Setup

    Yes that’s probably the only major caveat, here.
  8. Lightweight Winch & Recovery Gear Setup

    I didn’t read all the replies, but how about a hitch mounted winch with a Curt front hitch receiver. You can have a full sized winch, but only mount it and run it when you need it. The rest of the time it just stays in the back. And you can switch it from front to back depending on the...
  9. Winch dilemma, need help deciding

    Where do you get that 20% coupon? I’ve been looking at Smittybilt, but that might seal a deal for me. Thanks.
  10. Fire extinguishers

    Those Element fire extinguishers look suspiciously similar in size to maglites. I’d be curious if a flashlight holder wouldn’t work...
  11. Finally getting Wrapped... Inozetek SuperGloss Acid Green (updated with pictures)

    How long does this last? How does it compare to just painting it? Pretend I don’t know anything (because I don’t).
  12. Fire extinguishers

    I haven’t been off road in the truck yet, but I know what it’s like to need a fire extinguisher and not have one. My beater of a first car caught fire on the way to school, the engine, power steering and power brakes went out, and we pulled off the highway. Highway patrol saw our car smoking so...
  13. How hard is it to install Rubi springs/shocks?

    I got by just fine without an impact wrench. But you would need a breaker bar to start some of the tougher nuts. Also, make sure that floor jack goes high enough to really lift the front end up. You need some pretty good height to be able to drop the axle enough to get the springs back in with...
  14. RAM wireless charging holder

    *turns and looks at the $15 wireless charger on the nightstand*
  15. Backing up with door open

    I’ve had it happen and figured it was a safety feature, but it was still unsettling when my brand new Jeep wouldn’t move. Thanks for the explanation.
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I’ve found multiple cases of how Gladiators seem better than Wranglers in various, unexpected ways just by virtue of having a truck bed. Case in point... A Wrangler doesn’t have a built-in step/platform for taking off the roof or loading/unloading a roof rack the same way a Gladiator does...
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I’m expecting a lit wreath for the grill to arrive next week, but I started prepping today. The wreath plugs into a cigarette lighter but I want to control via aux switches and not route it through the firewall so I’m installing a cigarette lighter outlet under the hood near the battery. Pics to...
  18. What’s the big deal with the Bestop Sunrider?

    Not trying to crap on it. It’s a serious question. It’s not that hard to remove the freedom tops. Only takes a minute. So what makes the Sunrider so great? The one advantage I can see is that you do it from anywhere without having to worry about storing the panels, but it seems like a tonneau...
  19. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    Agree. The whois lookup is fully masked and the domain registration occurred just yesterday. A large company isn’t incentivized to mask their name and a large marketing event like this would be weeks or months in the making. I’m calling phish on this one.
  20. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!