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  1. Are you feeling anxious from watching too much "news"?

    I'm anxious for y'all….we have our fair share of political and racial tensions here, but definitely not to the extent down south...I just hope at the end tensions will ease, race inequality will better, and the damn COVID fiasco will subside so I can wheel in the trails you guys have, lol
  2. Where is Maximus-3 and its racking?? Helllooooo, McMaximus

    the big part you would have to remember is if RSI does not include same accessories, or you price out others to add to the RSI cap, then will it be cheaper....I'd probably only get the air pod, and tie downs, but need to modify one of the uprights for a permanent mount for hammock end, this way...
  3. Not eligible for Jeep Wave?

    Typical....FCA and Jeep not caring about customers outside of US, must be supporters of Trump, LOL, now before all get bent out of shape it was a joke :lipssealed:
  4. Where is Maximus-3 and its racking?? Helllooooo, McMaximus

    In the previous thread they mentioned about the $2k mark, but will see once they release, but accessories (ladder, air pod, etc.) will be add ons
  5. 4WD Shifting

    tires are Goodyear wrangler M+S - 33"
  6. Where is Maximus-3 and its racking?? Helllooooo, McMaximus

    I so want this rack, too bad the company isn't able to provide more info on public release yet. Please @Maximus-3 provide an update
  7. Where is Maximus-3 and its racking?? Helllooooo, McMaximus

    I contacted them on their website shortly after the SEMA 2019 video showed the rack to see when it was available, so it's been a year almost since I have been wanting, lol
  8. Where is Maximus-3 and its racking?? Helllooooo, McMaximus

    Previous posts have been locked for further I'm starting this new one. The Movie Ferris Bueler's day off comes to mind when the teacher is searching for him. Bueler…Bueler...has anyone seen Bueler. So back in Aug/ Sept @Maximus-3 mentioned that the release of their overland rack...
  9. So, saw a Gladiator (rubicon) in a Music video last night

    it has already appeared in and furious (the one filmed in Samoa/ Hawaii with Dwayne Johnson) at the very end of the movie, and will be on the next Fast and furious, not sure about others....since Jeremy Renner is a face of jeep with jeep commercials so he should have one in the...
  10. 4WD Shifting

    Hey Gord....fellow BC' is stiff, and normal....I've had numerous 4wd vehicles from FCA and they are all the same when going from 4L to 4H, but as others have said will loosen a bit, but will still be "stiff" this is a good thing, you do not want to have it loose feeling when you are...
  11. My wife took the Gladiator to pick up our daughter from Grandma’s house...

    My wife bought the JT sport we took for the test drive...I held out for the Overland that was on the way to the dealer, we are a 2 JT family, and we love both of them, she says hers is better, I think mine is better....a good thing....I do not have to adjust the seat at all, lol......we are both...
  12. Jeep Concept Teased Ahead of SEMA360 Reveal

    lol, all about the message not the messenger....still great looking rig, was thinking of this for mine, but would cause me grief when I need a deeper bed
  13. Jeep Concept Teased Ahead of SEMA360 Reveal

    That is the PCOR flat bed with their modules installed on top, standard stuff for them, all sold on Patriot camper website. these are nice, but $$$ and adds a significant amount of weight. the modules have lift up side opening, and you can get electronics and fridge installed within.
  14. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    we had an old station wagon that had this feature, and rear facing seats in the back
  15. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    You could still have the down slide window but integrate an electrical connection to top that unless connected the widow will not operate (up or down). So: roll it down; disconnect electrical, remove hard top, install soft top with normal soft top rear window and no issues. When you want to...
  16. Bed rack that works with Tonneau cover

    sweet, did they confirm costing?
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    nice, what front bumper is that?
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    although I love the look of the gladiator sticker on the third light, big fines here if caught with the tail light covered, :crying:
  19. Dogs in Bed

    I will not judge...for me secure or not, if you get into an accident think of what might happen with an exposed bed. I have seen parts of vehicles go flying, items in the bed go flying, roll overs that could trap an unsuspecting animal between truck and ground, but those are worst I...