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  1. Phone Solutions

    Check out the XVIDA Wireless charger. You'll probably have to mount the magnetic card on the outside of your otterbox, but it works fine inside a thinner phone protector.
  2. Mopar Releases New Doors-off Mirror Kit for Jeep Gladiator

    Will these be compatible with factory half doors, or will they require a different setup?
  3. Speakers dip in and out!

    Do you ever get a blue screen when shifting into reverse? When I get the blue screen, my audio goes out repeatedly for a second or 2. I'm planning on taking it to the dealer sometime soon to have them take a look.
  4. Warn Epic Wheels?

    I've been looking at those too. I can't seem to find the weight for each wheel. A while back, I found a site with shipping weight, but not the weight of each wheel. Let me know if you find anything. It has 0 offset, so depending on your tire, the stance shouldn't be too excessive.
  5. JT Gladiator Delivery Checklist

    The PDI Technicians are welcome to use this checklist as well. Unfortunately, people have had these issues, with or without a Pre Delivery Inspection.
  6. South Carolina WTT Overland wheels and tires for your spare

    So far, football season is happening. Williams-Brice will be at 20% capacity. I'm not sure if I'll receive tickets for every game. Assuming I have tickets, I may or may not have other plans the weekend of the first home game on 9/26. The next home game is on 10/17, and I'm going to make an...
  7. Blue screen backup camera

    Yes. The radio skips every couple of seconds.
  8. Blue screen backup camera

    I took mine in for service. The rear backup camera was replaced, and I didn't have an issue for a while, but it started happening again a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to bring it back in sometime soon.
  9. Goose Gear Rear Seat Delete Replacement

    Great job!
  10. South Carolina WTT Overland wheels and tires for your spare

    I'd take you up on that. I'm in Alabama, but I'm a Carolina football season ticket holder. Depending on how all of that shakes out, I could be making a trip to Cola next month.
  11. Wheels?! Wheels?! Wheels?!

    I'm very close to purchasing new wheels and tires for my Overland, and was pretty overwhelmed with all the different options as well. I knew I wanted to run 17's, and decided on BFG KM3 35x12.5x17 tires. For tires that size, you want to go wider than 8" rims if possible. 7.5" works, but 8.5" is...
  12. When you google "Mall Crawler gif"

    When you google "Mall Crawler gif," and your Jeep is the 12th result... I swear I'm going to get better tires, my wife says I have to wear out the original ones first...
  13. Access hole in tailgate lets in crud

    I used this to cover the hole. You have to trim it a little so the cable fits, but it works great.
  14. Blue screen backup camera

    This issue just started for me yesterday. I intermittently had the blue screen when using the backup camera, but turning the Jeep off and back on usually fixed the issue. Yesterday, I got the blue screen, and then the radio started skipping with every input. It didn't matter if it was FM...
  15. Doors off (trail) mirrors?

    I have these mirrors mounted to my grab handles. There's very little to no vibration. The mounts can remain year round with doors. The arm and mirror can be screwed on to the mount quickly and easily. They've worked well for me, but I do wish the arm was slightly longer.
  16. Weathertech under seat storage system

    I'd prefer the lockable Mopar Box, but I could see how this might be better for someone that leaves their top and doors on all the time. If you look at the non-Gladiator stock photos for the storage system, a lot of trucks have a floor liner that covers the entire floor under the back seat, and...
  17. Rear Floor Liners?

    I haven't seen anything. @Timdog says his Findway rear mat covers under the seat a little more, but it doesn't look like it goes all the way back. I reached out to Findway to see if they could make a mat...
  18. Anyone remove and leave off the engine cover?

    Engine covers are meant to increase dealership services by scaring the average joe from tinkering and attempting his own maintenance.