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  1. Rubicon Diesel MPG.... at what speed?

    This is my first Diesel. I live in NJ and haven't had any issues. I would say 2/3 of the stations near me have diesel.
  2. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Eco Diesel Sport: - 2" Mopar - 3/4" daystar spacer in front - 1.75 wheel adapters - 37x12.5R17 Milestars - 20% tint - Rubicon rock rails - Katzkin Leather interior with color matched gray inserts and white stitching More mods to come, could not be happier. Rides and drives great!
  3. New Jersey Sport EcoDiesel Stock Suspension - FOR SALE

    Only 1200 miles (5 weeks) on this suspension. No off-road or salt. $299 takes everything.
  4. Gladiators on Mopar 2" Lift Kit

    You can have them calibrate it for the larger tires or you can buy a tuner and do it yourself. If you buy a tuner you can use the other features included with the tuner. Most people go that route for that reason. If you dont calibrate it your trans shift points and speedo will be slightly off.
  5. 2" Mopar EcoDiesel Lift Kit Instructions ERROR???

    I was installing my Mopar lift specific to the eco diesel and noticed that the instructions for the springs are not clear. In the attached image below you can see each spring has a part number that is associated with a RF, LF, RR or LR indicating the orientation in which to be installed on the...
  6. Mopar Diesel Gladiator Part #: 77072469AC 2” lift

    I did my mopar lift this past Friday and added the 3/4 inch daystar spacer to take about 50% of the rake out. The lift came out great and rides really good. The 37inch milestars are awesome. at only 73lbs my wheel/tire combo is only 100lbs and they are very quiet at highway speed for a mud tire...
  7. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    easy haul for the eco diesel!
  8. Gladiator: Diesel Undercarriage Pics?

    I put these up a few weeks back - might be helpful.
  9. Mopar Diesel Gladiator Part #: 77072469AC 2” lift

    Just got an email with freight confirmation. They are shipping it tomorrow! Ordered on 11.10. That was much quicker than I thought it would take.
  10. Sport S Max Tow Build

    Any updates on your issues or build since Feb? love your build, doing something very similar with my ecodiesel soon.
  11. Mopar Diesel Gladiator Part #: 77072469AC 2” lift

    For those of you who are receiving your lifts.. when did you guys order?
  12. Mopar Diesel Gladiator Part #: 77072469AC 2” lift

    I think this is the first one on the internet installed!
  13. Diesel 2” Mopar lift

    I ordered mine on 11.10 through All Mopar Parts and they said they are expecting inventory in the next few business days. Once I get it, I am installing myself. Ill keep you all updated.
  14. Official Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 Hemi

    Just saw that on instagram as well. What are the odds it get dropped into the Gladiator??
  15. Diesel 2” Mopar lift

    I'm not sure about the spacer but did you hear anything about timing for the lift to come in? They appear to be on back order still.
  16. All Diesel Specific Talk/Topics

    I have only had my truck for a week and have driven it about 650ish miles (city, backroad and highway) here is what I have learned about the regen. - Nothing about regen status has ever been displayed on the Jeep gauge cluster, you need an aftermarket monitor to see all of the regen activity...
  17. All Diesel Specific Talk/Topics

    I bought a cheap metal one and was going to mount it but then decided not to drill into anything so I actually have the Banks mount with the suction cup. I couldn't find a JL or JT gauge pod anywhere online, otherwise I would have done that. We'll see how it holds up.
  18. All Diesel Specific Talk/Topics

    Sure! It is the Banks iDash Super gauge (!) # SKU: 66560 Super easy install: plugs right in OBD II port under the steering wheel. I routed the cable up behind the dash...
  19. All Diesel Specific Talk/Topics

    I purchased a Banks iDash for my Diesel Gladiator last week. I love it. I can monitor the boost pressure, Regen status (Off, Passive or Active), DPF soot load %, and a ton of other stuff. Really worth it, especially because I do a lot of city driving.
  20. Drew's 2020 Gladiator Sport S

    Thanks for posting this! I can't find a gladiator with the mopar lift and sport fenders anywhere. I was nervous about if the sport fenders would rub or look funny and now I am sold. These pictures are great! Nice rig!